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Learn How To Pray

The Promise of Prayer is meant for you and everyone: “Also the sons of the foreigner who join themselves to the Lord to serve Him and to love

Prayer for Safety

I encourage you to pray these prayers out loud and God of mercy will hear and answer you .Now let us Pray– Father God, I come

How Praying the Book of Psalms Brings Power

If there is one truth concerning communicating with God, praying the Psalms brings power, every single time! The Book of Psalms is written in a beautiful

How Online Classes Is Best for Messianic Bible Study?

Online classes are getting huge popularity nowadays because it offers a comfortable environment for the students to study in the best studious environment. If you’re interested

I Pray

This is the” I Grow series” in the Christian life that has a core value towards vibrancy and influence. The foundation of prayer being saved by  accepting

Arise and Shine

To my children who are called by my name. I Jesus is the lord your God .Look unto me as you proceed the rest of this year.

Family Counselling Through Christianity Is Amazing

As a Christian you will want to make a difference to the world, that is part of our faith. One amazing way of combing your desire

Prayer For Success: The Need To Pray

From Genesis, there has been a battle intended for authority handed to Adam by God to change hands. The evil one was at the centre of