Daily Power Reading Archive

Bless Jehovah and be Blessed

Meditate on Psalm 134: 1.”Behold, bless Jehovah, all servants of Jehovah, who stand in the house of Jehovah at night. 2. Lift up your hands in

The Lord Vindicates Zion

Hear the word of the Lord, The Lord has vindicated you, who are hated by the adversaries of God who cast you out for the sake


Glory to God in the Highest, now there were shepherds living out in the fields, keeping watch over the flock by the night, And behold, an

The Day of the Lord

This is the time that God enters space time arena to assert in a bold and dramatic ways that he is in control. A day of

A Life Approved By Fire!

Beloved when you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, You automatically approve yourself in all circumstances and are entitled to receive from the Kingdom of Heaven

Holy Spirit Our Life

We cannot talk about the Holy Spirit without mentioning this greatest man of God. Yes John the Baptist who prepared the way for the coming of

The Word of God Our Strength

The world is in turbulent times,we are living in turbulent  times but our lives do not have to be turbulent. The Kingdom of God has come

Strengthen Your Hearts

Your giant has come down, Just push (Pray until something happens). Your breakthrough has already happened because whatever God starts, he finishes it very well. Allow