EL- ROI – The Lord Who Sees Me

Beloved did you know that, there are no circumstances in your live that escapes His fatherly awareness and care. Your Creator cares about you so much, that your circumstances becomes his awareness and care.You are His and He is your Father. God knows everyone and knows exactly every second of your experiences and every single challenge or adversity that His precious children are faced with at any given point in time. Sometimes by the Father’s grace and mercy The Father even prepares you ahead of time and affirms his awareness and care for you.

This is how our Creator and Father is. He sees everything and addresses it in time. Do you remember in the book of Genesis, when the angel of the Living Lord  appeared to Hagar and said to her, see you are with child and shall bear a son and you shall call him Ishmael, because Yahweh has attended to your affliction? And Hagar called the name of Yahweh who attended to her affliction as she called the name of Yahweh, she said “The one speaking to her, you are God of vision, for she said even here have looked after the One seeing me. On account of this she called it, the well of the Living One seeing. This well is between Kadesh and Bered and Hagar bore a son to Abram when he was eighty six years old, Abram called his  son of Hagar Ishmael.

Another story about how our Creator sees all things is the story of in Psalms of David, When David knew and said this truth about His Creator his Father, and he said “Where shall I go from your spirit or where shall I flee from your face? If I go to heaven, you are there, If I make my bed in schoel, behold you are there, behold if I take the wings of the morning dwelling in the uttermost part of the sea, even there Your hand shall seize me. If I say surely the darkness shall cover me even the night shall be light around me. David said even the dark will not be dark around YOU. The Creator, The Christ, The highest Spirit above all other, But the dark shines as the day as is the darkness, so is the light for you have processed my inwards parts, you bore me in the womb of my mother, I will thank You for with fearful things , I am wonderful. Your works are marvelous and my soul knows it very well. My bone were not hidden from you, when I was made in secret. When I was woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my embryo and in Your book all my members were written, the days they were formed and none was among them. And that’s how precious you thoughts are towards me”

So beloved our God sees it all, our God see it all, and His  thoughts are so precious towards you. He is EL- ROI. The God who sees me. Remember El-Roi sees you and  you are wonderfully made. Hagar called the Lord by this name besides the fountain of water in the wilderness, when He saw her and gave her a drink there.  God knows every single thought and feelings.

Jesus knew the thoughts of those around him demonstrating that He was and is El-Roi. The Christ spirit knows all things. In the book of Mathew, it is recorded that “but knowing their wickedness, Yahshua said to them, why do you test Me, Hypocrites? And he said to them;whose image and superscription is on that?They said to Him Caesar’s Then He said to them, then give to Caesar the things of Caesar  and to God the things of God. The error is most are still giving only to Caesar, because after they head this they marveled living Him and went away sad.

Also another incident in the book of Luke when it said “And the scribes and the Pharisees began to reason,saying who is this who speaks blasphemies?Who is able to forgive sins except God alone,but knowing their thoughts answering,Jesus said to them why do you reason in your hearts, The Creator sees and knows all things. So in El-Roi alone we find our rest  because nothing ,yes nothing escapes Him . He who sees you and knows everything and every thought brings you peace , Shalom for he sees you, when he was hung on a tree He had you in mind even today, your concerns are His cares and will lead you and hold you up.Praise Him for His finished work.He is El ROI. The father who sees me! Yes He sees you and do not ever forget. Glory Halleluyah! Shalom!



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