Family Counselling Through Christianity Is Amazing

As a Christian you will want to make a difference to the world, that is part of our faith. One amazing way of combing your desire to help others with your faith is through family counselling. You can become a Christian counselor and help people sort their lives out through the teachings of Jesus. It really is an amazing and fulfilling profession and it is one immensely suited to Christians. There are some awesome local courses that you can take that will help you to become a fully qualified and experienced Christian counselor so if this sounds like you then you need to look them up. To give you an idea of what you will learn, here are some of the major course components for the first year.

One of the first units is Practical Theology – Fruitful Living (Discipleship). This will teach you about discipleship, authority and obedience, the work of Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit, abiding in Christ and fruit bearing, prayer and intercession, worship, Bible meditation, Sabbath and solitude, spiritual warfare, Christian identity, understanding and applying grace, the tongue, gratitude, encouragement and affirmation, giving and finances, time management and perseverance, excellence, relationships and the Christian community, basic evangelism, the victorious Christian life, listening to God and guidance.

Another key unit is Models of psychotherapy, insight (psycho dynamic – Freud, Jung, Adler, etc.) This focuses on stream, experiential stream (client centered, humanistic, Gestalt, etc.), cognitive-behavior stream (behaviorism, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Reality Therapy, etc.), medication stream, eclecticism, as well as providing a definition of Christian counselling.

A third major unit is Basic Christian Counselling Concepts. You will learn Jesus-style counselling, the Holy Spirit and counselling, the role of prayer and Scripture, goals of counselling, sanctification, qualities of a Christian counselor, levels of counselling, phases of counselling, ethics, God’s ways in healing and growth, blockages to healing, facilitating change, the supernatural power of God, tools, contracts, goal-setting and action, basic counselling procedure.

Another useful unit is Restoration and Reconciliation and Cross-Cultural Counselling. In this you will learn to Apply Redemptive Truth in Counselling: Defense mechanisms, rejection, centrality of redemption, revelation, personal responsibility, confession and repentance, spiritual warfare, hurt of injustice, the two keys to inner healing, resentment and forgiveness, identity, self-acceptance. Counsel clients from other cultures: Cross-cultural counselling, Aboriginal, Asian, African and other cultures, Australian culture and counselling.

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