Favor as a Shield Devotion

Meditate on Psalm 5

  1. 11. “But let all who put their trust in You rejoice;let them always shout for joy, because You defend them .And let those who love Your name be joyful in you.
  2. 12. For You, Jehovah, will bless the righteous; You will surround him with favor,as with a shield”.

For you O Lord will bless the righteous; Beloved keep on walking in the path of righteousness regardless of who misunderstands you. As long as God is pleased with your ways, protect your relationship with God. Jesus is your teacher through the Holy spirit as you continue to meditate on God’s concepts in the Bible. You are in a race with yourself and God not in a race with anyone in the world. Your soul is what is at stake ,always trust in the way of God as the Holy spirit teaches you his word and obey his word and hold fast on his promises. And obey what direction the Holy Spirit is leading you ,that is where God is or what God wants to do, then you obey God and not man.

Sometimes it might feel like you are going against the tide.The key is to obey the direction of the Holy spirit to execute the assignment he has given you and sit at his feet of wisdom regardless of all the misunderstandings. You are getting breakthroughs because your identity is in Jesus Christ, KING of Kings and Lord of Lords through the Holy Spirit, and the precepts of the King are you protection . If heaven is backing you up ,the least you can do is to move in obedience. Remember that it all boils down to the mission or the purpose for your life. You are a Kingdom Citizen, this is no time for us to get it wrong. In some parts of the world it is physical persecution and in other parts it is mind control toward(Religious spirits). When they accuse you as been the problem,know deep down in your heart that there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus. If Jesus our Lord went through all the persecution and warned us that  the same will his followers go through but remember when you entered the Kingdom of God,Satan fell like lightening and God’s covenant  still stands even today.Praise God for his grace in your life.

Count it all joy when you are misunderstood or persecuted for the sake of the gospel. So when you face persecution or misunderstandings, it is not the spirit of God, but the spirit of control. For who the son sets free is free indeed. One thing is needed stay at the feet of Jesus and learn from the Holy spirit,from Jesus who is your teacher. You are in the Kingdom of God, always remember that the Holy Spirit who is directing you has been with you all your life  and is the only one who will approve you on your journey and on the last day.

God will cause his favor to surround you as  a shield,and you will grow in wisdom,favor and statute to be a blessing to many in the ways of Righteousness! Your understanding will be truth and righteousness. Rejoice and be glad as you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is faithful.God Almighty will be glorified to eternity! Yes Praise God! Hallelujah! Glory to God in the highest.He is worthy be praised and adored. Come let us adore Him Christ our Lord.


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Psalm 5


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