Holy Spirit of Yahshua: Spirit of Yahweh revealed

Holy Spirit of Yahshua: Spirit of Yahweh revealed

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit that assist us to fear Yahweh who is the Creator of all things and for humans as his creation to honor the creator spirit in their lives and do His laws – Principles that are life giving and in so doing we are actually the witness of His presence as we live our lives. This is also the fear of Yahweh, we love Yahweh in ourselves and love our neighbors as we are loving Yahweh in ourselves to the extent that we know and understand the love of Yahweh for us , which is total revelation of Himself to His precious self you, yes you. Where you not made in His image? Yahweh’s love for all is so grand, we humans cannot comprehend it here fully now on earth however it is available for all to understand, full understanding comes with full obedience to His precepts. Otherwise you will take a precept of a creature.

Yahweh came Himself in Human form to model His attributes and to announce His heart beat through Yahshua the Messsiah, the Lamb of Yahweh who takes away the sin of the world that none should perish, but all should come to the knowledge of His saving grace. The Kingdom Yahweh is governed by a code of conduct called His Laws that are meant for good to give life and eternal life too and not evil that destroys and gives only death with its subjects. Establishing another code of conduct that is perverted or not original from the Creator cannot be of the Laws, principles, statutes that Yahweh – The Creator approves. So Yahweh- the Creator’s principles cannot and can never be overridden by any other code of conduct that Lucifer or foolishness attempts to defiles precious souls by attracting them in and finding no true revelation that can make a difference in their lives. And the secret societies pride themselves in having secrets that cannot even help them either. One victim is now recruiting and recruiting  souls and having all these illusions ceremonies that may from surface not be harmful but has spiritual consequences of  darkness ( not knowing and taken to death). Satan like to hide, it loves secrets. But the Kingdom of Heaven codes of conduct or laws or principles are at the highest level above all other vibrations or frequencies that are all positive and all knowing , no secrets, all life giving. The Spirit of All goodness for mankind delivers from the web of secrets of a God who cannot deliver yet enslaves its subjects in a web of darkness. So save yourself first before you go about trying to save others with same secretes that have entangles a soul to their own demise.

To enter the Kingdom of Heaven-Yahweh, is not a camouflage matter. It is a serious matter of truth, the right knowledge and right believe, with right application. If Yahweh approves you, He will send you His Holy Spirit and fire baptism that helps you into total deliverance to know truth about things as they are also in now in your environment and as it is in Heaven. This knowledge is to assist your body too in this world as your soul does its purpose assignment on earth. Yahshua the messiah modeled the Kingdom assets so well for us as it is written, so today the Holy Spirit’s job is to assist your soul to breakthroughs as all limiting realms are made null, so that way, you can model the Kingdom of Heaven’s goodness and be a witness to the existing truths both internally for you and externally to you and others to witness the saving grace of His power. You will know them by their actions. Always do the actions that are honorable, actions that are good, actions that are trust worthy, that are praise worthy these things think of them?   And the Alpha and Omega, The First and the Last, will say well done my good friend, you ask how?, that will be the beginning of your sanctification process, read your Holy Bible and you will for sure know how, it will be specialized for your individual soul journey, believe and obey and you will know for sure and joy will be yours and peace will be yours, and all good things and let not your hands be idle at the same time. Work for what you desire, your generosity will abound too as you are blessed.

The soul that seeks truth and also does truth ,that is the statutes, or principle of Yahweh, positively  and doing no harm to another, nor diminishing another’s soul in any way, that soul  will  for sure also host the Holy Spirit as He rest upon him more and more and at a point  where soul and Holy Spirit become one. Yahshua Hamashiach – the Messiah comes for a glorious bride. The Spirit of wisdom and understanding is the Holy Spirit of the Messiah. The spirit of wisdom and might is the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Knowledge, so too is the spirit of the fear of Yahweh. Note that Knowledge without the fear of Yahweh- The Creator is only head knowledge void of the Holy Spirit. This is those who over study the word yet possessing no understanding and sometimes even hides it from others. It becomes only head knowledge, But Yahweh- The creator delights in those who keeps his statutes and teach others to do the same. That is why Yahweh does not judge by sight, that is physically, but Yahweh judges the heart of man. By actions you know Yahweh’s son’s heart.

The belt of the loins of the one who fears Yahweh is RIGHTEOUSNESS. Some fight against this and hold it back in teachings by saying you are covered by grace, so you are righteous in Christ, yes very true – Righteous to show His righteousness if your process is complete in how Christ helps you in being righteous, Understanding of Him will do it. By their actions you will know that they are my disciples, Judas was sold to 30 pieces of silver, only to hang himself later in remorse.  So if one has no other part to play in righteousness, then that should be true also in all things in the teachings, for example Grace has covered your tithes and offerings because you are already righteous and so on. But it is not so, even though Grace is Yahshua himself. Yes tithing and offerings is important, it protects the giver and so on. If acting in a righteous way, for fear of Yahweh is so just conjured without your seeking it, or without more effort in being righteous, then why they are not also telling people not to tithes, or give offering because it is covered under grace. Go your way grace has covered your tithes and offerings so do not give because they are under grace and grace will cover them in not giving too? So it is no different from all the other principles for birthing the soul into truth and out of darkness.

Grace flourishes in obedience in action of all statutes to defend a soul into salvation. If Grace cannot cover tithing, offerings without some sort of participation, it certainly cannot cover righteousness without participation of that soul. Righteous ways are important to our souls to evolve to the highest level of truth and consciousness of love. Because of Yahshua the Messiah finished work helping through the Holy Spirit, we walk in the statutes of Yahweh. The Holy Spirit will always lead us to be given awe and reverence. It is the Holy Spirit who is the voice of Yahweh in us and the Holy Spirit inspires this attitude in us and towards others.

The false Messiah’s code is for many to walk in unrighteous as it desires more evil to enslave innocent souls. If the head is rotten the body will exhibit the symptoms of rottenness because of the Satan yoke which is heavy and not broken. The power of the Holy Spirit breaks the yoke of bondage, the blood of Yahshua the Messiah destroys this yolk from the soul of an individual who works out their salvation with fear and trembling believing, though weeping yet trusting and as sure as the sun rises and set so too, their salvation will shine in witness as the sun of righteousness arises with healing in its wings. Yahweh -Creator is faithful, the Holy Spirit takes little and makes much good with it. While Lucifer takes much and makes zero of its holder and its environment. It is foolishness to be servitude to Lucifer, the skeleton fool. The serpent it gives its foolishness to its subjects with great deceit to their demise in the end. They are like the deception clown hurting its subjects so hard and through abuse and in the schemes to deceive, these are master thieves of identities that belong to others and then make it their own. They need the glory of others and they sap glories in order to survive physically. These knowing the truth yet block others to find truth. These can repent and their spirits be saved from these animals and serpents that has held them bondage spiritually. Because they have taken identity of lower beings. No repentance is guarantee for second death in the end.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Yahshua and Spirit of Yahweh – The Creator. You know Yahweh is the Lord of lords. Those who are the sons of Yahweh are of Christ nature – The Holy Spirit. Not the ones that are of the beast nature who oppose the statues of the Creator of all things Yahweh: These are masters of deception in so doing theft occurs. We are to honor the Creator Spirit within us and the Holy Spirit Helps us to do just that because He is Yahweh creating spirit in us. The name Yahweh is Yahshua revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. If you see Yahshua you have seen the Messiah and you have seen Yahweh. Yahshua through the Holy Spirit reveals Yahweh to us. So it is three persons in one, Yah the Father, Yah the son and Yah the Holy Spirit. So the Holy Spirit identifies the spirit of our Father Yahweh. Now the only way the Father being the Almighty Spirit of the Creator of all in heaven and earth came in human form as Yahshua so as to give back to man who will believes in truth and spirit -His own Spirit for the sole purpose of assisting man to come back into the heavenly consciousness right here on earth so as to enter into Eden garden (The Kingdom of Yahweh that he initially intended for man from the beginning of creation A heavenly consciousness is what Holy Spirit teaches to us. To enter heavenly consciousness, there can be no deception otherwise the deceptive one will end up in its own deception which can neither save nor rescue its soul from its own deception. The deceptive man is his own worst enemy already. Claiming to know yet are a fools who possess nothing that Yahweh is pleased with. The Holy Spirit nature will please Yahweh.

Everything they know is birth by another from whom they steal only to destroy themselves in return. They like microwave – glory without process. The light within is all darkness. Any processing they may have is full with radioactive particles of destruction .Like the face in the mirror that is so distorted in the spiritual realm. This is not the Spirit of Yahweh – Almighty. The distortion is because of a foreign body (thought) that does not belong with man when created from the beginning by the Creator.

So Yahweh’s number one purpose is to redeem us and to have fellowship with you. The Holy Spirit draws us into the love and fellowship of Yahweh. The Holy Spirit is sometimes called spirit. Yahshua was lead up by the spirit to be tempted in the wilderness by the devil. And Yahshua the Messiah the resurrected Spirit- the Holy Spirit is the integral Essenes of life, love and truth. Yahweh said “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last”. The Holy Spirit is The Game Changer. When you encounter an individual full of the Holy Spirit you will enjoy the fruit of the Holy Spirit and when you meet one void of the Holy Spirit you will taste vinegar that makes your stomach sick too, even if at first it may seem sweet that is the fruit of deception. To hide this deception, they are so good at marginalization and to avoid or ignore people that they have stolen from or diminished

The Holy Spirit is the integral essence of life itself. The spirit of Yahweh is the Spirit of the Father, Abba. So the Holy Spirit has the secret name of our Father Yahweh- the Creator. Secret not because the Father did not want you to Know and use it or because it’s a secret society, It just because it was deliberately hidden from  those that did not mean any good but wanted to desecrate and destroy the believers. Language barriers too played a part in it. So this was suppressed for GOD and LORD. But The Alpha and Omega , The first and The last –ABBA (see like the city Addis Ababa in Africa) really wants you to know his name Yahweh otherwise you will be serving God of Satan. Satan’s servants wants your identity if you say ignorant and at the same time want your habitation meaning their goal is to destroy if you stay stupid. When you say Yahweh it is clear to the spiritual realm who this call is going to The ALPHA AND TE OMEGA. No serpent or Beast can answer the name of the Almighty.  The name Yahweh takes you directly to the truth of your existence and no foul demon from the pits of hell has spiritual authority to cross or intercept your consciousness. If they call it in deception of identity, they indirectly give their head too. In this Heavenly consciousness there is no deception, and no lie can enter. So it would be wise not to be one’s own worst enemy. In the end one certainly will reap what they saw because they have sown deception all these years, they are reaping deception now in the spirit too, things (fallen beings) that love deception are entertaining them.

All things start with the spiritual realm. When the Holy Spirit revealed himself, captivity was taken captive, now the Messiah has revealed Himself too captivity has been taken captive again. Why captivity lives by deception and borrowed theories by mouth and not by spirit then to distort for deception. What really matters is the truth and Spirit realities in a new consciousness. Each soul must discover it for themselves in spirit and truth. Know the name of Yahweh, if the name Jesus could bring us such revelation how much more will the truth in the name of the Messiah – Yahweh bring forth? This will give you an identity breakthrough reconnecting you back to your true source- Yahweh – Creator- the Holy Spirit will help you. Yahweh is the head of the Holy, Righteous Church and not the church that has forgotten the holy statutes of truth and righteousness   and replaced it for verbal grace and no spirit grace that really brings forth witness. Verbal grace means grace void of the accompany transformational power of the Holy Spirit, so only talk with no witness to follow, verbal grace because it still hold them accountable..

The love of this currency paper is the route of all evil. It has no desire to see that Yahshua is revealed to you because it has not been revealed yet to it either. It is your soul responsibility to work at the revealing of Yahweh within you. How can the revealing occur when you do not even know His name or love His truth? Now you know. The Father’s name is Yahweh- Almighty Creator. Even an adopted child will eventually know the adoptive parents names. You are no longer orphans, Your Father is here now for you. Use His Name Yahweh. You will no longer risk perishing for lack of knowledge, now you know. Your Father, Jehovah is Yahweh. If you see Yahshua the Messiah, you have seen Yahweh. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! The pure in heart will see Yahshua the Messiah who is Yahweh. So if you love Yahweh, you will do what the Commandments say do. If you like the false messiah then they do opposite to what the Commandments say to do to their own demise even though they may think they are destroying others. This is not a proud thing. That is why they operate in secret, if they were proud of it, It will not be such a secret of deception. Remember that Grace has another side to it, it is also called management or accountability which is so well managed by Holy Spirit to teach and help a willing soul. Sometimes all it takes is faith as small as a mustard seed is enough to get Yahweh’s attention   .

The Spirit of Yahweh is the Spirit of Grace who is the spirit of Yahshua the resurrected Messiah in whom we are baptized with into the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth. That is why Yahshua came to bring to you and I the Kingdom of Heaven. If all that Yahweh was interested in, is that you die and then come to Heaven, He would not have left the Spirit realm to come into earth as man to help you die then bring you to heaven. Those that Satan has hocked are hoping that when they die they will then see Yahshua then in heaven. Know that no death thing will transition from death to heaven. Only those who sleep in the Holy Spirit before Christ resurrected will know this. After the resurrection of Yahshua the Holy Spirit will reveal Yahweh to you and then to be absent in the body is to be present with Yahweh because you already possessed the Holy Spirit of truth. You see why deception will not make it? Holy Spirit can never be part of deception, Holy Spirit teaches all truth to you and me.You can say, that the Holy Spirit is the Jet that assist you to stay grounded in truth and also assist your soul from glory to glory as you work out your salvation to perfection through sanctification of your soul elevating you spiritually at every stage through the narrow way until purpose and destiny is revealed.

This is only done with the assistance of the Holy Spirit as comforter and helper and host of angelic assistance. In your own strength it is impossible. This weakness not as in sin, but as in human capability but with Yahweh all things are possible. The Holy Spirit and angels assist you and comfort you into strength against all diabolical strongmen or serpent. Without whom none can make it into the Holy presence of Yahweh. The Holy Spirit renders a beautiful life which usually begins with self-mastery and progresses into rest. Keep the divine laws of Yahweh in the Holy book and believe in Yahshua redemptive grace. Whoever relaxes one of the least of these laws is the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. So if your country has diminished this laws, you are out of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yahweh said “I will pour out My Spirit on the house of David and on the inhabitants of Jerusalem the spirit of grace and supplication then they will look on Me. Also think in Spiritual sense. Yahweh knows the spirit of man that belongs to this promises. Those  who have gone forth weeping shall no doubt ripe the promise because Yahweh has heard and revealed Himself to open for the house of David in grace to do the will of the statutes and walk in righteousness because that’s what grace does and in turn one gets supplications that paper cannot buy.

The blood of Yahshua is like a great shower that washes away the sins and the whole body is cleansed of all filth. The Holy Spirit helps one in this process of sanctification. Of how much worse punishment do you supposed will be thought worthy who has trampled the son of Yahweh underfoot counted the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified a common thing and insulted the spirit of grace. For we know HIM who said Vengeance is Mine. I will repay, say Yahweh will judge the people. It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of Yahweh. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Knowledge. So seek first the Kingdom of Yahweh and His RIGHTEOUSNESS and all other things will be added including salvation. So Righteousness , we must continually chose to be upright as He is, Yes Yahweh is all righteous and  came to us ,only through His grace ,we continuously choose righteousness as we ask ourselves WHAT WILL YAHSHUA DO IN THIS SITUATION? And when you choose to do what Yahshua would do, you are walking uprightly in Spirit and in truth.

From the time you believe in Yahshua the sacrificial lamb and get water baptism as symbolic cleansing of the flesh then the next step is not in man’s strength, this time it is decided by Yahweh himself as He so sees fit, depending on your heart , if it is in His heart willing to believe and are willing to do the laws, then they get the baptism of the Holy Spirit  and now become born again because the spirit has been rebirth into their spirit life and now the Holy Spirit will be helping in all revelations of truth. The Holy Spirit opens the spiritually blind to see. So this divine baptism of the Holy Spirit is the game changer in passing from death to entering life.  Even with our Messiah Yahshua, the Spirit of Yahweh rested on Him. The Spirit of Wisdom and understanding, The spirit of counsel, The Spirit of might, The Spirit of knowledge and the fear of Yahweh is the key, this means you must seek the truth and pursue Yahshua uprightness in your own life just as a deer pants for water, it is the same way you must seek to understand yourself in the reflection of Yahweh Holy Spirit shows you all truth. Prayer and reading the Bible.

Yahshua the messiah is the root from the shoot of Jesse’s in other words, the Messiah Yahshua has full knowledge the Holy Spirit, and it cannot be hidden or stolen. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Yahshua, Yahweh made man. If you choose to deny Yahshua the Messiah who shed His blood on a tree in total truth to purchase you for His own, then you are not in the Kingdom of Heaven – The Kingdom of Yahweh. Yahweh is Almighty Creator, The Highest Intelligence in the Universe, way way, way ,way ,way, way, up there above all other powers, principalities, rulers of this age, even age to come. For Yahweh to be revealed into total grace, a childlike believe must be possessed and that will be the guarantee that all test of the stumbling blocks will be passed, every test of righteousness through all this spiritual realms of hindrances. The last realm is the fiercest that is when the three fat frogs’ evil came to wage war against the Holy Spirit and lost. The darkest realm of dark robes and black card world system. For man to decent or regress or spiritual warfare in the physical realm it is like, as going down into the earth and there is an equal spiritual soul ascending in the spiritual realm movement at every level of downward test, the biggest test is breaking through the darkness of religion, which presents as darkness of the darkest darkness, like night time that is ten times dark. Success through this is a crown of a conqueror revealed light, love, life, honor, riches and in the most important a deep love for all things be it man, animals, or trees , earth .A love to preserve and almost no tolerance for wickedness. In short a nurturing soul, conscious soul has evolved, into all that there is into great truth of knowledge that sets free into a soulish rest of knowing forever, forever and ever to Yahweh’s glory.

The Holy Spirit is essential to assist a soul through all these stumbling blocks that make up a society, and when it is all over these stumbling blocks no long become stumbling blocks. Now they are pitied instead because they are truly helpless in their illusion of strength. These souls without true born – again experience succumb to spiritual death, even though they are walking and okay physically but souls are spiritually death that is souls that like deceit and  like to destroy. This souls have no Holy Spirit. But he who is born again of the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Yahweh the realm of fierceness in vibrations of darkness cannot prevail against the Holy Spirit, who created all thing, dwells in this soul and because of that the soul will overcome all things because the Holy Spirit indwells that soul. Now the soul’s primary goal is to love Yahweh by loving self and by preserving all that it comes in contact with, this is called love, with wisdom of descending all evil and having zero tolerance for evil.

So the energy is focused in fruitfulness of humanity and not barrenness, in the multiplication of humanity and not diminishing humanity in every honorable standard of living. And with the Satanist its goal is to diminish in every way it can, because he himself is much diminished through deceit in the ground of thick darkness and only has an illusion of authority, it has to bow to the presence of the Holy Spirit because the Holy Spirit, spirit of Knowledge helps a believer into all truth. The Spirit of truth is the spirit of Yahweh. The Holy Spirit is about truth and not falsehood, and Holy Spirit is about liberating from lies and from oppression and deception. So one who is part of falsehood and love falsehood and it does not bother them then it is very likely that the Holy Spirit is not in this soul. The Holy Spirit cannot be half-truth 100 percent false neither can it be 1 percent truth and 99 % false. So Holy Spirit is all for 100 percent truth. One who loves deceit and falsehood then the Holy Spirit is void of that soul person because it is paired with a consciousness of a fallen thing that loves falsehood and destruction. The Holy Spirit is 100 % truth and 100 % for life, despite opposition from the deepest big death souls, The Holy Spirit will always prevail. The hindering souls are so dead and their mission is to drag all to the pit of hell with themselves, they so have ego to control but not possession, as it does not possess birthing abilities. Children are their biggest victims as they try to get them young by hurting their souls. But Yahweh is faithful. The foundation of the religion is so rotten that Yahweh has rejected these alters as He went through these alters and rejected the alters that are aligned to abort destinies instead of birthing destinies. They do that by not getting involved, and just watch and see. That is not the trait of the The Kingdom of Yahweh, this Kingdom is a supportive, loving, and caring Kingdom.

Love and compassion is the highest form of intelligence that a human being can attain , and this earth is the school to bring a soul up to this virtues, Show me this traits I will show you someone whose soul has been set free beautifully. Yahweh is good. Holy Spirit is the best mentor who would not hurt you in any way, shape of form as He teaches. Where you hurt Holy Spirit will ease the pain. Where you lack Knowledge ,Holy Spirit will lead to teach Holy Spirit knows what you need that is good for you soul. Yahshua is the best teacher, He is a confident teacher, pursue His truth, so that your soul can be free. Whatever you do, seek environments and people that can also celebrate you, it is not a one way street. Do not get an abusive anything near you. If it ignores your presence, it is not a conducive place for you.  I do not care what they may think they are giving you, because they will be giving you a false Messiah agents, because they cannot tell you truth, then the goal is to steal and destroy truth. But not so with the Holy Spirit, Yahshua the Messiah is all satisfying in His teaching of those who love Him and seek his truth! And Yahshua has conquered death and His righteousness stands forever. Pursue the Kingdom of Yahweh and the righteousness of His kingdom. The Kingdom of Yahweh will stand for ever. So the question for you now is who are you representing here on earth? Are you a source of truth or a source of falsehood? Choose you this day who you represent and so as to bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit. The time to switch to truth and total truth is now. Stand in truth to defend all human life as much as you want to protect your life. Whatever one tries to protect without wisdom, they will lose. So if one is not standing to defend human life at all stages then one is of the dead bunch who still cannot save their death souls as much as they are plotting destruction to save themselves and in the long run have second death as their portion.

The Spirit of truth whom the world cannot receive because it neither sees Him nor Know Him but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you. I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you, and yes Yahweh will reveal Himself to you. Your walk with the living Yahweh is never a thing that you doubt, when all your testing is done and over, in other words, when you birth your vision, not stealing from someone else, in this fallen world, but your revelations will keep you knowing for sure that you know that you know the truth. So let not your heart be troubled, keep believing in faith of righteousness of your being and you will know for sure all truth. Faith without works is death. That is, be a life of witness as in the truth that you possess in your life. After you have gained power then you will go in a way that you have never walked before and Yahweh will show you the way and lead you as you go. In Yahweh you have been redeemed through Yahshua’s blood, through the attornment of sin according to the rishes of His Grace which he made to abound towards us in all wisdom and prudence, having made known to us the mystery of His will according to HIS good pleasure which He purposed in Himself that in the dispensation of the fullness of time that He might gather in one all things in Christ both which are in heaven and which are on earth in Him. Yahweh is faithful, fear not!!! Because in Him also we have obtained an inheritance being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will that we who first trusted in Christ should be to the praise of His glory.

Yes you who do not praise from the heart and mind is because you are stock in Jesus on the cross and not Yahshua on the tree, who is Christ the Holy Spirit in English. Yahweh Almighty! Yes there is a difference between crucifix Jesus and Yahshua the Messiah, Yahweh, resurrected as The Christ has the Holy Spirit. Yahweh is faithful. Halleluyah! Yahweh is faithful so fear not!!! The Spirit of truth cannot lie, neither can Yahweh fail. Yahweh is truth, believe and do uprightness. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! The Messiah is here! Glory to Yahweh! Halleluyah! The gates of hell will not prevail against the Spirit of Yahweh, the Kingdom of Yahweh. Glory! Halleluyah!  Praise Yahweh! Rejoice and be Glad!



P.S: An Invitation to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh (The Creator):

If you are reading this and you are not sure about the status with your Creator, You can visit the salvation prayer and pray it to invite the spirit of the messiah our sacrificial lamb Yahshua (The Christ gives you life everlasting) The Kingdom of Yahweh is here. The good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.


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