Identity Crisis Resolved To Eternity 11

Adam and Eve’s Family out Of Eden Garden!

Now Adam and Eve (mother of the whole creation)this African family covered with animal skin by Yehudah (Jehovah) and sent out of the Garden of Eden (a realm of nothing missing, nothing lacking) consciousness and obedience to Yahweh that brings life in the soul, gives joy and peace to the spirit as a result of believe and faith in Yahweh’s directions or precepts, or statue or laws and grace which is Yehudah’s (Yahweh’s) presence positively impacting and sustaining life in all aspects on Earth.

Yehudah (Jehovah) (Almighty God) gave Adam and Eve this African family two children Cain and Abel. Abel became a shepherd of the flock and Cain became a tiller of the ground. So this first family had a life and death principle hovering in the atmosphere over them. Depending on their obedience or disobedience a law will be activated into their existence and experience, based on their heart’s consciousness they will act to activate either.

Out of each one’s free will and affinity to their chosen hearts careers or desire, Cain and Abel have first fruit harvest respectively as fruit from flock by Abel and fruit from ground by Cain and they offered to God Almighty. Abel and his offering was accepted by Jehovah and Jehovah God Almighty did not look to Cain nor his offering, because the ground had been cursed due to Adam/ disobedience and as a crawling place for the serpent creature which offered its body and spirit for Satan which is Yehudah’s adversary) who had being thrown out of Heaven because of rivalry and rebellion spirit against Yehudah (Jehovah God). So the serpent creature was used to deceive Eve which caused them everything. As they were outside the Garden of Eden, they all were in the presence of Yehudah and before Yehodah Cain glowed greatly with anger and his face fell (A condition of the heart) because of jealousy and pride from the serpent that had hovered over Cain. Out of touch with what Yahweh loves or wants will always produce hidden anger that shows up as, in short it is called a secret enemy misleading people, and in short hating life and loving death.

Anger will always give its owner a sad face. It is an evil spirit of the serpent in the heart. And Yehudah(Jehovah) the loving Father took time to alert Cain, giving him instructions to follow that carried with it life. Yehudah alerted Cain about the tree principle of evil hovering over his life, Jehovah said to Cain why have you angrily glowed and why has your face fallen? Yehudah with fore knowledge of the spiritual effect of a serpentile spiritual law activated by his father Adam told Cain; if you do well, Is there not acceptance. Yehudah (Jehovah) is Almighty and can and is willing to accept Cain if he does not follow through in action what was planted in his soul. He has a choice and a free will. His sad countenance even though glowing greatly could not save him, only a righteous action on his part in obedience to Yahweh’s words would have removed this serpentile glow curse that had clinged in his soul and in turn save generations from spirit of murder or killing. This type of angry glow of the serpent comes as a result of the serpentile spirit’s success in misleading Adam and Eve and still today has mislead many into glows that are not glorious. Cain been the first born was prone to the curse of the deceit, however there is hope because  Jehovah told Cain, if you do not do well sin is crouching at the door and its desire is towards you, but you should rule over it. Cain did not act in accordance with the first Law of grace given by Yahweh to his children.

You have the will to rule over it, if you love Yehudah and want to obey Yehudah (Jehovah), then you will act in obedience to Yehudah; If you love yourself more than Yehudah (then you will cater to yourself and silence grace while puffing up the serpent spirit of death and you in turn glow greatly, with a fallen face due to a wicked heart and no peace in your heart.

The Influence of the serpentile spirit on Eve and Adam, as they ate in  disobedience it caused them the glory of Yehudah (God Almighty) this glory is a shine in the heart that come out in joy despite lives circumstances, it glows in worship before Yahweh. And the great glow of the serpentile spirit was born in their first born son Cain. Cain’s face fell because it was a glow of a disobedient heart a physical glow that does not sustain life thus no glory of the Creator.

Had Cain done well and heeded Yehudah’s warning by not sinning in murder, the glow would have eventually turned to Glory because he would have glorified God and not the serpent. Cain’s great glow benefits him nothing but the fruit death. That same spirit is around hovering over all to cause them to kill a life. Each time they kill another’s destiny, property, life, a people, cruelty to animals that is not food etc. they glow greatly in the curse of this serpentile spirit, and lacking glory of the Almighty God which comes from obedience of Jehovah’s statutes in preserving and edifying life which is the spirit of the law of life, the law of light that sustains and the spirit of redeem life that saves from destruction.

The spirit of anger will manifest when it does not have what he desires and fears to lose what it controls and it wants its way at all cost, then it resorts to controlling action by tactics of destruction of whatever is in its way called violence. This evil spirit of anger is an open door to the adversary serpentine law that which is and is not to manifest itself in destruction of creation. A great glow in vain. The adversary lies, steals, and destroys in any form or shape it presents itself in lack of the spirit of truth and obedience which can only come from Yehudah (Almighty God) and not even good intentions with anterior motives to deceive and steal to diminish Life For Jehovah searches the heart.

Someone out there may have an anger issue, Yehudah is saying to someone today, it is time to rule over it otherwise it will destroy a life that is fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. There is still acceptance in Yehudah if when there is repentance. The heavens rejoice when one repents. Stop envying others with what blessings they may possess. You do not know the full story of their possessions, it might involve bloodshed. So before you envy and compare ask yourself; Are these blessings of The Light or a curse of darkness that proceeds from envy and leads to coveting, to control, leading to killing and creating confusion in the society due to broken families and confusion in the world. Instead ask Yehudah for the blessings of Abraham. That is favor which added no sorrow to it.

The adversary is the author of envy, rejection, discrimination, pride, confusion and destruction, this is the origin of this hideous sin. Yehudah dislikes this adversary serpentile spirit because it has a plan opposite from what Yehudah intended. Yehudah (Jehovah) loves his creation and wants to preserve it, yes you. You are created as Yehudah’s child. This evil spirit has been cursed. Anyone who chooses to support this serpent is cursed too, that is one who does not rule over their sin to hurt a human being or themselves. If you took it with your own consciousness, it is not late, you can still denounce it and Yehudah has acceptance. You will be wise to do so. It is already a loser. If it was given to you as a child and you have no knowledge of it.

There is hope obedience to love Yehudah and love yourself and love your neighbor, is there not still acceptance in Yehudah? (Jehovah) So whatever, however, where ever you may find ourselves, our number one priority is to rule over the issue of sin, that way we can be content with a peaceful healthy life because one all test have passed, it will be just a matter of time as Yehudah will turn his face in your direction and that situation will be graced with life. Jehovah has acceptance to those willing to change and do well over their sin circumstances for better good of self and man in the world. So rule over the sin crouching at the door, and make it impotent so it does not manifest harm to self and to generations. If you do not read it in the HOLY WORD of Yehudah saying do this, do not fool with it, because any man made comfort that it may promise will surely be as deceitful as the serpent in the Garden of Eden, It will sure end in death. So run for your life and keep it forever or enjoy one minute comfort for eternal damnation.

Cain’s anger ruled him and he killed Abel as they were in the field. And Yehudah (Jehovah) asked Cain where your brother is. And he said I know not, am I my brother’s keeper? Cain’s response to Yehudah activated the spirit of self, lies, and don’t care about my neighbor kind of attitude. This prompted Yehudah (Jehovah) to give Moses another Law: Thou shall love Yehudah (Jehovah (God Almighty) with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. When anger is ruled over it does not hurt any person, family, people, or nations or the world.

Due to this sin of Cain murdering his brother, God saw it necessary to give Moses the Law later on; saying “Thou shall not kill” This law is meant to protect Yehudah (Jehovah’s) creation. He who even thinks in his mind about murder of any kind is guilty. The worse killing is psychological because it is with time that the effects are seen. He who sheds blood his life will be demanded by Yehudah’s himself that is a principle. Unless the principle of repentance kicks in then principle of grace is activated. This is when intent is not purposeful.

Grace came from Judah (Iddah) latter on to redeem the world from these activated principles by disobedience, to help keep man in Yehudah’s obedience and to redeem man. There is grace of knowledge of God’s will comes through the Holy Spirit and if given the chance through obedience in action, He empowers an individual in turn to life in self and societal peaceful life and life abundant.

Cain disobeyed Jehovah’s grace, because he gave in to anger and sinned, because of this sin Jehovah sent Cain out as a wanderer away and Cain lived in a Land Nod East of Eden and Cain feared the Law of Karma and told Jehovah about his fear of been killed. Yehudah (Jehovah) protected Cain’s life, so no one can murder him. And has been so till today. Cain was avenged seven fold. If anyone disobeys this their life is demanded seven times too, because Jehovah is good all the time preserving His creation. This law is reserved for karma to avenge within its fullness of time. Cain went out from the presence of God. This is a dangerous place for any creation of Yahweh to be. No connection with Yahweh and now you can see how sin multiplied because it is a dark place, a place with no revelation from Yehudah, because Yehudah (Jehovah)’s spirit is not there. And after that Adam and Eve were favored and Seth was born.

In land of Nod, east of Eden, Cain married a woman as a wife and had a son named him Enoch. Enoch and Cain built a city called Enoch. Enoch bore Irad who bore Mehujael who bore Methushael begot Lamech (Lamech of Cain). Lamech(of Cain) continued in the way of his father’s demons and confessed to his wife Adah and Zillah that he had killed a man for wounding him and even a young man for hurting him. And he activated more the penalty of him sinning, which started with Cain, God said whoever kills shall be avenged seven fold. And Lamech (Cain’s Line) knew that this avenged will be continued seventy seven fold more than Cain.And today in our time feel free to multiply that times the 3000 years and multiple by seventy seven times. That is how much this adversity life snatching spirit has multiplied on the face of the whole earth. And so this are the days of judgement too.

Good news grace has been supplied today in Yeshua (The Christ) himself who came to earth as son of God to redeem mankind from this evil in the beginning, so there is hope in Yahweh’s Son; today we know our savior as Jesus and to me God my redeemer and God my sustainer. The name rewritten about 500 years ago because that is about how long the letter “J” has been in existent. Thank Yehudah (Jehovah) for His faithfulness because He still honored the Name regardless of the reason behind its formation to further the cause of the Jesuit Cult which continues in the serpentile spirit of disobedience and its punishment is certain. So Cain’s disobedience spirit still hovered on  with a greatly glow of anger so the face fell and are quick to destroy by killing true followers of Yehudah(Jehovah’s); Their anger troubled them in their own hearts, land or home to the extent that they had to Parade blood shed everywhere they go slewing Abraham’s descendants. It is the same till today in the world, a spirit of anger and destruction spirit that refuses grace and serves the dragon Spirit which ends in a burning flame of fire.

Yehudah (Jehovah) needed a righteous seed (an obedient seed) because he had a plan to fix what Adam and Eve’s disobedience had activated. So Yehudah (Jehovah) appointed to Adam another seed. Oh Jehovah is so good, Jehuvah loves his creation, and He loves you. As previously mentioned Adam and Eve bore Seth and they were in Yehudah’s presence. He was graced by Jehovah and Seth’s son was Enos and they began to seek Jehovah and called on the name of Jehovah. Enos, Seth’s son fathered Kenan fathered Mahalaleel who then fathered Jared fathered Enoch( Seth’s  side) fathered Methuselah fathered Lamech fathered Noah fathered three sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth and men began to multiple on the earth.

In the African culture it is common to see brothers naming their kids with similar names of ancestors, even till today it is still the culture of the people. However the succeeding factor is those that choose to obey Yehudah’s (Jehovah’s) ways will continue to walk with Yehudah (Jehovah). So during Cain and and Seth’s time evil continued to increase and evil men’s deeds was exceedingly wicked just like this day and Yahweh will not strive with man and numbered his days to be 120 years, before this, man lived long lives, some cases up to more than 900 years plus.

Yehudah (Jehovah) (Yahweh) saw the evil of man and it was great on the earth and the evil grieved Yahweh. This evil of man was great that every imagination thought of his heart was evil, all day long and Yahweh repented and grieved to His heart and He decided to clean of the evil from the face of the earth. Noah was a Yehudah (Almighty God) fearing man and his family feared Yehudah) (Yahweh) (Jehovah). Noah’s faith in Yahweh made Jehovah to show Noah and his family grace. If God is for you, who can be against you? He who did not spare his own son, but delivered Him up for us all, how  will he not with Him  also freely give us all good things. Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. Who is he who condemns? Have you ever been condemned and made to feel unworthy? Like you are less or not enough? Or rejected by friends and family because of your faith?  Beloved stay faithful in the truth of Jehovah like Noah, Yehudah alone has your back just like he did Noah’s, this African man found grace in  the eyes of Yahweh because Noah was a righteous man and had been perfected among his family by Yahweh.

What will Yahweh see in you today, Righteousness in action or deceit in disobedience? Today there is a short window to change your mind and get on the side were Yahweh is. And not in deceit or in disobedience gathering captivity into captives he goes. If anyone will kill any man, Jehovah will demand his life. Even after the cleansing which you already know about in flood. Jehovah continued to send prophets to deal with this issue saying in Isaiah 33:1 to 8. This is how it will be this days. The way of righteousness of heart and of speech is the way to proceed from here on in our time henceforth. Here the saints find faith and patience. Rev 13:9 law. Noah’s obedience saved a generation of Yahweh’s creation. That is all mankind on the face of the earth today. What will your own legacy be in this time? May it be like Noah’s! Prayers people! There is still time to change your mind if you realize that your ways are not like Noah ways. Halleluyah!!! Lord you are worthy! Glory Glory, Yeshua has conquered .Glory to God Almighty Yehudah!!!Halleluyah!!! Series 111 to be continued stay tuned!

P.S: If you are reading this and are not sure of you standing in regards to righteousness with God, Please locate the Salvation prayer on the website and pray the salvation prayer as the first step. Contact us for material to help you with your change of mind decision you are at a good place at a good time. God bless you.




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