Obedience Ushers in God’s Promises

Meditate on Joshua 21:43-45

So the Jehovah gave to Israel all the Land of which He had sworn to give to their fathers, and they took possession of it,and lived in it. And Jehovah gave them rest all round,according to all that He had sworn to their fathers.And not a man of all their adversary stood against them;The Lord delivered all their  adversaries into their hand.Not a word failed of any good thing which Jehovah had spoken to the house of Israel.All came to pass” Halleluyah!!! God is faithful all the time even today.

Jesus Christ our life, through the Holy Spirit who has helped you to obey the divine Laws of Moses. By believing in Jesus Christ, you have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in you helps you to obey the Laws of God. You ,as a son of God gets  God’s nature, so you act accordingly. Obedience in truth of God’s divine Laws is the biggest key that opens the door to life which is the Kingdom of God where the windows of heaven is open 24/7 right here on earth. The fear of God’s Statutes is the beginning of wisdom that brings about the Kingdom of Heaven down to your life. Holy Spirit gives you grace to obey and keep God’s laws until God gives you the white garment or wedding gown and be married to Christ and be called sons of God  entering into life in the Kingdom of God and when you enter,you are now kings and priests representing the God’s Kingdom which Jesus your teacher modeled for us so well by doing whatever he heard and saw the Father(Jehovah) do.What ever you are doing here will be magnified and will last for ever after this life is over,however  not all in Christ in the Kingdom will sleep before you see Christ in his glory.Halleluyah !!! Glory to God in the highest!. So we live right before God because we are sited with him in heavenly places and the law of life and light is activated through faith and the ability to keep God’s original thoughts conveyed to man  through Moses these are God’s divine laws. They are eternal thoughts that will never change. This statutes from our bodies to the environment will last for ever and will perform reason which God intended. Grace sets us free from the ritualistic performances to receive from God. No more rituals offering food, goats, chicken, libations, cloths etc. So no more rituals laws of community but keep God’s divine laws and your government civil laws. A wicked generation will pervert God’s divine laws and make them civil laws. Remember God’s divine laws will stand because it gives life. God’s divine laws protect your life from death. God’s divine laws protect your community from decay and destruction.

The will of man that is rebellious against the known truth of God’s divine Laws is the fattest key that opens the spirit of dead thus second dead into hell. So ruins comes in when laws are disobeyed. Think of your car if you own one, the state laws says you must have a driver’s license to drive. And the pride says to someone I am rich, I don’t need a driver’s license and they disobey the civil law to drive without a driver’s license. Then they are stopped by traffic police. The law says driving without driver’s license is a prison sentence. So what do you think the Police will do to the disobedience driver?  Yes, that is right. If civil law has consequences what more of divine Laws? Do you think disobedience of God’s laws will not have consequences?  So there is a price to disobedience of any law be it civil or God’s divine laws. This laws were made known to all the children of God worldwide by Moses. The choice is yours, just as it was with Adam. Adam knew God but decided to obey the adversary.

The adversary works hard to suppress the truth of God’s divine law. The evil man wants to pervert and violate this God given statues. This will not be your portion in Jesus name. The good news is Jesus and Holy Spirit is standing by to help because Jesus came to restore and enforce  God’s original thoughts by convicting the world and to give the sons of God the ability to obey and want to obey because they are already in obedience and in God’s Kingdom. Anyone still in disobedience works hard in perversion and working hand in hand with the serpentile spirit. Even this serpentile spirit has been destroyed.

Jesus Christ did it all Halleluyah! Praise God Almighty! God’s divine laws will keep order eventually in your life, when obeyed and vice versa. When you obey, you are in partnership with the Holy Spirit to produce the good fruits, fruits of the Holy Spirit and in the end you will enter God’s Kingdom its called born again.I mean the action evident born again. Not the lip born again.

So Joshua declared his stand, that as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. He knows that he is in the presence of God because he magnifies Gods truth in his life and then to the people. The divine laws in the Bible that Joshua kept in his heart brought him into life. Joshua closed the door to ignoring God’s divine law in his generation. Remember that ignoring what God is saying brings about dead. Your faith in obeying under the blood of Jesus, ushers you into The Kingdom of God which is vibrant in life (no sickness, no oppression, no perversion, faithful,no worries, life abundant etc.) If you love Jesus you will keep God’s commandments. And your life style in obedience gives you victory over the law of dead.Your lifestyle is what you do daily when no one is watching you but God who sees all.

This is the day of Righteousness and truth and praise. When you love the truth of God it becomes your weapon against the wilds of the adversary temping you every day. When you obey God, your obedience will work righteousness in your heart which will in turn be your actions and in turn give you rest, the rest is the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Your obedience will cause your possessions to be restored. God has blessed you and you are inscribed on the palm of God’s hands. The wind of blessings are yours and don’t forget to share with your brothers. Share the truth of God’s divine truths and your processions with your brothers. Keep obeying your harvest is here. Praise God Almighty. The Kingdom of God and his Righteousness  is ours. Jesus Christ our Lord did it all. We will obey His teachings to enter life. The Kingdom of Heaven is our reality. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! The Kingdom of God is here!Halleluyah!You are distinguished and royalty. Actions speak Louder than words. Halleluyah!!!


If you are reading this and not sure where you stand , don’t worry,it is well ,start by searching the salvation prayer and pray it, then write us for materials to help you enter into life.God bless you. God loves you so much!


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