Our Creator’s Attributes – El Shaddai

El Shaddai (The One All Sufficient One), the God of the mountains, God all mighty our Creator. Halleluyah! Our Father El Shaddai is the all sufficient source of the all our blessings, both spiritual and physical. Our creator, our sustainer,our protection, our provider is all powerful. Everything is under the Creator’s feet.

There is no problem that is too big for Abba Father El Shaddai to handle, remember in the scriptures when Abram was ninety years old Yahudah (Jehovah God) appeared to him, saying I am the Almighty God! Walk before me and be perfect. Praise Yahudah today in Christ our Lord and King we are made perfect in obedience to enter life everlasting. This is when we can enjoy the fruits of the Kingdom of God that our precious savoir came down from His Royal Realm and to help us enjoy the fruit of the covenant of the Kingdom of heaven after the evil had snatched it and made it all human works. The Holy Spirit which is the spirit of the Christ helps us achieve the escape of human works and comforts and helps us live righteously to please our Creator as He laid the foundations not to be changed by any mortal being.

El Shaddai said to Abram, I will make my covenant between me and you and I will multiple you exceedingly. Praise Yahudah our creator a generational God. Halleluyah! Glory to Abba Father, God Almighty God who hates idols and wickedness of the soul which causes destruction of His handiwork. El Shaddai loves and rewards righteousness in due time. And also answers wickedness and idolatry in wrath. Halleluyah, Glory! Glory! Glory! Oh beloved allow your soul and spirit to worship your creator right now.

When there was famine in the land and Jacob asked his sons to go back and get food. And they came back because their brother Benjamin was not with them. And remember Judah spoke and said “The man vehemently protested to us saying you shall not see my face unless your brother is with you. This Judah is as we Know today Joseph. So it was that Benjamin had to go to where Judah was so the family can get food. El- Shaddai had preserved Joseph (Judah) and raised him so his family will not perish from the famine that would have wiped out the line of Judah. Glory Halleluyah!

El Shaddai also appeared to Jacob in Luz in the land of Canaan which back then was part of the north of African land before all the invaders came in and blessed him and said to Jacob behold I will make you fruitful and I will multiply you and make you a multitude of people and I will give this land to your seed after you as a continual possession. Just like El Shaddai caused Jacob (Israel) to see Joseph’s seed (Judah’s) (Children’s children), so shall it be also for the lost and found Israelite who had been forgotten and ignored  all these Millenniums  until now. Praise El Shaddai who has heard the cry of His people this day, cry no more, you shall inherit your land, when El Shaddai says it, and it is so. Halleluyah! Bless Yahweh Almighty! Abba Father El Shaddai.

When Almighty Yahudah Father, appeared to Yacoba when he came out of Paran-aram and blessed him saying to Jacob your name shall not be called Jacob anymore but Israel shall be your name, and said to him I am God Almighty, be fruitful and multiple. A nation shall be from you. And Kings shall go forth from your loins, and the land which I will give to you and I will give the land to your seed after you and El Shaddai went up from him in the place where he had spoken with him. And Jacob set up a memorial Pilar there and it was called Bethel. This was before Canaan as previously discussed. Praise El Shaddai a generational Almighty God who reigns even before the mountains were born or ever formed, El Shaddai is God of the Mountains our Creator, who can contend with Him.

Only through Christ our redeemer through the person of Yahshua (our Messiah) can we begin to understand and know our Creator as Father,in Christ we are cloth in righteousness to be glorious.Halleluyah! The Christ reigns forever and ever. Glory! Rejoice in the Lord of lords and the King of kings. Halleluyah! Praise our redeemer reigns forever and ever. Halleluyah, Abba reveals all truth to his children through the baptism of the Holy Spirit who makes all intercession for us. Halleluyah, the bars and the chains are broken for ever and ever to eternity, glory to our Father Yahudah (Yahweh) (Jehovah)El Shaddai our Creator reigns forever and ever. El Shaddai: The One All Sufficient Father, our creator. Our prayer is that the children experience the attributes of our Father Yahudah (Jehovah) in life as to enter the Kingdom of Heaven before it is too late.


P.S: An Invitation to enter the Kingdom of Yahudah (The Creator):

If you are reading this and you are not sure about the status with your Creator, You can visit the salvation prayer and pray it to invite the spirit of the messiah our sacrificial lamb Yahshua (The Christ to aid you to life everlasting.

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