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Zions Original Glory Restored

A twenty four hour work and watch program instituted as the people worked during the day and stood watch at night. As they worked day and

Our Forgiveness and Righteousness Completed in Jesus Christ

Blessed be our Father God Yahweh , Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in whom we are blessed with every spiritual blessings in heavenly

Immanuel our Helper and Comforter

Halleluiah, Abba Father Adonai, You are worthy, we bless your Holy name, for great things you have done and continue to do. For we are comforted,

The Beginning Of Wisdom

You are the chosen one because you have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ King of Kings and Lord of Lords .You have heard his voice

High Places By Ron Kenoly

The Redeemed Remnants

The worshipers of The Lord Jesus Christ who have been given to Jesus by God Almighty would come from all nations to worship Him. When the

Arise and Shine

To my children who are called by my name. I Jesus is the lord your God .Look unto me as you proceed the rest of this year.