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Zions Original Glory Restored

A twenty four hour work and watch program instituted as the people worked during the day and stood watch at night. As they worked day and

Immanuel our Helper and Comforter

Halleluiah, Abba Father Adonai, You are worthy, we bless your Holy name, for great things you have done and continue to do. For we are comforted,

The Victorious New Creation

Thus says the Lord “I am the Lord that is my name and my Glory I will not give to another, Nor my praise to carved


Now to you Lord Jesus Christ who is able to keep us from stumbling before your presence of your Glory with exceeding joy. To Abba Adonai

Prayers That Rout Demons

High Places By Ron Kenoly

The Power Of Positive Prayer:

If there is anything the Big Three monotheistic religions agree on it’s the power of positive prayer. What I pray for is an end to human