The Word of God Our Strength

The world is in turbulent times,we are living in turbulent  times but our lives do not have to be turbulent. The Kingdom of God has come to us when we hearken to God’s word as a redeemed one. God Almighty is talking now pay attention now and do according to his word 100% now not later because it will be too late. This is the time for total obedience in Love, the law that stands above all other. The Lord calls us greatly loved, and is saying to us do not be afraid as His peace that surpasses all understanding keeps our hearts steady. In the lord’s peace our hearts are encouraged to be strong through the working power of our Lord Jesus.

Turning back from the way of darkness and destruction, We have chosen the way of resting in Jesus with an unshakable faith, so too our salvation through the word which sanctifies us as we go deeper and deeper through the deeps that our Lord himself went before us to gain  or redeem us at that depth, so when we are carried there, Jesus our advocate and shield did it all already, His spirit aids us through the depths to then reveal his glory. In quietness and in confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ we are strengthened lest our souls melt from heaviness ,but to breakthrough in his glory.

Through the word of God we are strengthened as He grants to us according to His riches in glory, thus strengthens our inner man, because through the word of God,our Lord Jesus Christ dwells in our hearts by faith as we become routed and grounded in love for God, love for Jesus Christ and love for mankind becomes our worthy walk of the Lord and increasing in the knowledge of God’s will. Perfected love cast out all fear. The counsel of our God becomes our wisdom who is our understanding and the glory of our strength. As we attain this state our Lord blesses us saying “Go your way, eat your fat and drink your sweets as you do don’t forget to share with those who have nothing prepared in other words we rest in his word.

This is a Holy day of the Lord, we shall not be sorry in it but full of the joy of the Lord, which becomes our strength, due to this ,we can say, we can do all things through our Lord Jesus Christ who strengthens us. So we will not fear for the Lord is with us. We will not be dismayed for our Lord The Christ, our God is the only one who can strengthen us. God has promised to hold us with his mighty right hand of righteousness. Our God gives power to the faint and to those who have no might, God increases strength through the working Power of the Holy Spirit.  Halleluiah! My soul blesses the Lord.

The Lord is our light, His Light in our lives is as a lamp that lights the whole room. Halleluiah! Therefore if  the Lord Jesus Christ our salvation is for us ,who can be against us? We have no fear. The Lord is the strength of our life, Jesus is our rock and our fortress and our deliverer, our buckler and the horn of our salvation, the light tower,our full Armour! Halleluyah! Glory to God. Our Souls Bless the Lord.

We wait on the Lord through prayer, praise and worship, as we do our strength is renewed and we will mount up with wings as an eagle, we shall run and not be weary, and we shall walk and not faint. We must put on the whole armor of God,, so that we will be able to withstand the evil day, and having done all to stand firm in our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ  which never fails. In the power of his might we are strong. Halleluiah!  The Light has come! Merry Christmas. Jesus Christ is Lord!King of Kings and Lord of lords Halleluiah!!! Sited on His throne at the right Hand of God the Father. Halleluiah! Merry Christmas Jesus Christ is the reason for the season.Shalom!


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