Beloved when you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, You automatically approve yourself in all circumstances and are entitled to receive from the Kingdom of Heaven because Jesus Christ, comes besides you and continuously authenticates your self-approval by continuously sealing Heavens deals on your behalf. Remember that ,whom God loves he allows them to be chastised so they can work out their salvation with and trembling, and when it is all said and done ,you will come out purified as gold or as diamond. Only the hindering spirits will be consumed. You will go from purification to purification, that is from strength to strength and as you go from strength to strength you receive true riches  revelation from The Kingdom of heaven. Life now for a believer is fabulous because one is now living in the realm of the third heaven having peace that surpasses all understanding because of faith.

If you are reading this and have not been tested or gone through anything yet, prepare yourself, and pray that you will be able to withstand the coming day. Beloved remember that judgement started with those in the houses of God, remember that your circumstances are not permanent, you are coming out prosperous and because you believed and put the word of God in practice, The HOLY Spirit continues to authenticate your ways. Do you remember the story of the three Hebrew boys? Who refused to bow and worship falsehood and stood their grounds to worship only the Living God, even to the point of being thrown into the fire. Guess what, they were not consumed by the fire. Why? Because they believed in a God that created the fire in the first place and he was in the fire with them to regulate the temperature , so that these precious righteous men will not be consumed by the fire.

This same God came down himself just for you, loving you and inviting all to receive his grace and mercy which will quench any fire that you might be facing, because he who believes in the Lord Jesus Christ will not perish but obtain life to the full and some more eternal life. So if you are reading this and have not received God’s invitation to dine with him, this is your reminder, receive Jesus this season, so you can be saved from the fire that is on the horizon. Let him who have ears hear. Jesus saves and Jesus is the only guaranteed Savior.  Do not wait if you want to be self-approved. Only Jesus will authenticate your self-approval by redeeming you from death. Jesus gives only life, life to the fullest of the fullest, we call it abundant life. If you refuse to receive Jesus then you have just disqualified yourself from being self-approved and from true riches which can only be given by Jesus Christ. When He gives you  life, only then will your life be spared from destruction. Jesus will not demand your sons or daughters to be sacrificed in exchange for the abundant life he gives you, instead Jesus will save your sons and daughters and protect your mental health too and much more after you receive his love for you and walk with Him as He walks with you.

Say this, I am self-approved and authenticated by the Holy Spirit. This is the mark of every Believer, Jesus Christ’s approves to life abundant. You are open to receive LOVE, PEACE, JOY, PROSPERITY IN HEALTH AND FINANCES, REVELATION AND MUCH MORE FROM THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN –Abundant Miracles. Hallelujah! Yes beloved all for you, just because Jesus first loved you! Rejoice Beloved ! Merry Christmas and a miracle filled New Year. #SELF APPROVED and Authenticated 2017. Justified by Christ Himself. Glory Halleluyah!!!Christ is glorified forever and ever. It is Done!!!

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