Good day of righteousness beloved,

Meditate on Psalm: 112

You are blessed because you reverence Yahweh your Creator by greatly delighting in His commandments as wealth and riches stay in your home your descendants will be mighty on the earth.
Your righteousness will never end because the Holy Spirit will continuously dwell within you and not be grieved. Rejoice beloved.

The Light will always arise in your circumstances because Yahweh The Father is gracious and full of compassion. A good man in The Fathers sight deals graciously and lends; since all your affairs are dwelt in discretion, surely you shall never be moved and you will not be afraid of evil tidings.

For your heart is steadfast in trusting the Lord and your heart is established in the Lord. Fear is far from your heart until you see the enemies in their making.

You have given even abroad, giving to the poor. Your horn is exalted in honor as some in envy will grieve when they see you in honor and all they can do is to gash their teeth and melt away in perishables.

There is always great benefit in serving Yahweh! Glory to the name of Yahweh. Praise Yahweh for the finish work of the sacrificial Lamb. The Lamb (Yahshua) and his wife. Halleluyah!
Praise Yahweh for His faithfulness endures to all generations. Rejoice and be glad. It is a new day!

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