The Holy Spirit is the Source of Life from Yahweh.

Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Holy Spirit is the breath of lifeBREATH OF THE ALMIGTY Creator. Holy Spirit is life giving through the breath of Yahweh. When we are blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit we actually become one with Christ (risen) and in so doing we are one with Yahweh our Creator, through unceasing prayers over time. The Holy Spirit is the Source of Life from Yahweh. Yahweh knew from the beginning the way of the enemy that the enemy will create religion to try to take and cause many to fall short but the few who follow truth believing in faith and loving Yahweh by keeping His commandments in the sanctification process because the Holy Spirit is very involved in the sanctification and flesh cleansing process which helps a soul to attain the presence of Christ. Christ Spirit Knows where Christ is and knows exactly how and what one needs to do to attain this end to see Christ. The Holy Spirit is the game changer in this regards.  Otherwise all you see is the movies and think you have seen Yahshua, far it be the truth. That is The Holy Spirit is the qualifier and the justifier thus enables the witness bearer for the Kingdom of Heaven. Our total connection to Yahweh’s realm is made possible by presence of the Holy Spirit. The breath of life is a breath that gives life. The wind that gives life, the life giving air from the Kingdom of heaven that comes directly from the realm of Yahweh to your precious soul and in turn affects for the better your precious life—————– To be completed stay tuned!!!


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