Noah is A Righteous Man before Jehovah!

Noah a righteous African man bore three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And the earth was filled with violence through evil imagination man’s thoughts was wicked and evil toward themselves in immorality, ignorance, know it all, pride, lying, stealing, converting, greedy, ignoring the needy, unjustly wayward people and towards Jehovah God Almighty  their Creator, because they were totally separated from Jehovah in their prideful rebellion

Due to all the violent ways of the people, Jehovah said to Noah that, the end of all men has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them. This is a good place to ask your selves’ one question where one fits in all these. Are you on Noah’s side or 0n the side that causes Jehovah grief that is the category that always devises evil in the heart and takes no heed to warnings about the way of Jehovah! For Jehovah said their evil has come before Me, for the earth is filled with their violence. Have you or your government policies filled the earth with violence towards innocent people. People after God’s own heart appointed by Jehovah himself to care for his people. The Holy Spirit says Gadhafi’s blood (LIBYA) is still crying out for the continent, Jehovah raised him for the continent of Africa to be an example of how Presidents care for their Nation. Are your hands soiled with Human blood? Either personally or through support of a demonized venues or ventures? The evil done back then was nothing compared to the evil of this day. Yet Jehovah a Holy Creator had to do something about it.

So Jehovah told Noah, I will destroy them with the earth. Make an Ark of Cyprus timber for yourself. You shall make rooms in the ark and you shall cover it with asphalt inside and out. Jehovah also ordered Noah how to build it and what to bring in it. And stressed they shall be male and female, from fowl to cattle after its kind and creeping things of the ground.  Today who is obeying the way of truth? Who has being easing to a strange tune not specified by Jehovah? Today are people in great know it all and yet the deep things of Jehovah are far from their Knowledge? Because of this many are spiritually fully naked or partially naked, by totally missing it all together. Now our days the word of God has so many different versions that does not fully interpret Jehovah’s words correctly, In so doing a lie is been perpetuated from generation to generation from forefather’s lies by robbing the truth of what Jehovah’s intention is towards His people. Have you ever thought about who are the real Israelites of Jehovah? And where are they today? We are in captivity throughout the world dispersed from homelands in search of pasture. Jehovah is Holy and just, had to destroy this spirit of death hovering over His people so Jehovah had come 3000 years ago as the son of man to redeem the lost sheep and to save the gentiles too. Judah and Jerusalem will be restored. Have you tried to rewrite the Holy words of Jehovah giving it your own interpretation to accommodate your society or your imagination due to ulterior motives to alienate a people? For the selfish soul purpose to make money and gain all natural resources. Many who trust in Yahshua will be saved and more importantly receive the Holy Spirit (Jehovah’s spirit) and they will be saved from hells condemnation? Only the truth in Jehovah’s word will cloth individual in the white spiritual garment that only heaven gives, that right garment in the banquet of the second coming of our bridegroom Lord and Savior Yahshua. Are you still waiting for rapture? Are you still waiting for the messiah? Pray, Pray, Pray. If this is the case there is some truth keys you are missing due to error, pride, and lacking the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things and an impure heart. Can a blind man lead someone to a spring if he has never gone to the spring and refreshed himself? How then can you lead the precious souls of Jehovah into life.

I know sometimes people may not like the truth of Jehovah’s word or truth to reprove. A wise man will rather hear the truth and be saved than pampered with a big lie that will rocket them right into hell. The truth is what will set any persons free into life and life abundant that is not just living from food and drink only, but life of love of Jehovah, love of self, and love of neighbor they all go together and by action. Actions speaks louder than words. People that are so quick to snatch human life definitely are disconnected to Jehovah’s and are a den of thieves, including, injustice for poor, lack of compassion for under privileged, no fear of the Lord, because they have made themselves god, murderous intentions and  lifestyles. Their hearts filled with lies, with the Jezebel seductive spirit all in the pulpits that is pool pit that are skinny pants and tights, torn pants all representing the spirits of Jezebel instead of Holiness. Where the Holy are alters of Jehovah? Who is representing the alters of Jehovah. Those that Band-Aid people into comfort without calling people into righteous living in actions are helping them to stay bound. Yes actions speaks louder than words. Yes we are the righteousness of Jehovah through Christ through spiritual grafting which also goes hand in hand with our morality in action, not lives lived hypocritical or superficially but authenticity authentic lives. So same evils saturated Noah’s generation. Noah was the redemptive force Jehovah used to save many, however none responded. Noah alone with his family and the creatures were saved. Any similarities? Love for the truth makes it possible for Jehovah to save his creation. Jehovah’s love is for all however some have exalted themselves in Jehovah’s place and do not accept this love in the way that hate themselves and in turn hate others without reason thus cannot know the fathers love in the truth! The earth is Jehovah’s footstool from the beginning.

So Jehovah commanded Noah to bring all these creatures in the Ark. And they went in the Ark male and female. There was no genetic cell mutation in these animals or in Noah and his families. They were perfectly created in Jehovah’s image. Today the animals know that they are male and female. The male animal respects Jehovah’s law. The animals know to keep the mating as Jehovah intended it. Male and female mate together. Not male and male animal or female and female animal. How did humans wickedly get so naked in the shame of perverting Jehovah’s truth. This is the highest form of demonic activity of Lucifer’s world. Jehovah does not make mistakes, Jehovah gives his people chances to repent of these pit of Hell evil mark of 666. This activity opens up the total darkness of death and hell in its victims. We pray for these, lest their souls perish in rebellion.

While they were in the Ark Jehovah shut the door, and caused the rain to flood the earth to destroy it. It rained for forty days. And Jehovah remembered Noah and all the wild animals and the livestock within the Ark, and he sent a wind over the earth, and the waters stopped. At the end when the rain stopped the waters were exceeding and on the seventh month the Ark rested on the top of the mountain and Noah sent out a raven and it came back, then he sent a dove and it came back. He waited another seven days and sent out the dove again and it came back with a newly olive leaf, so Noah knew that the water had gone down from off the earth. Noah waited another seven days and sent another dove and this time, it did not return to him anymore.

There may be a wind ravaging right now. It is Jehovah has the righteous on his mind making all things right. All Jehovah needs is one righteous man to preserve His precious creation, the enemies’ plan will not prevail because the gates of hell will not prevail against the church of Yahshua. If the rebellious did not succeed even in Noah’s days, what more of today. Will the Lord not act justly? The messiah Yahshua, already finished the work of redemption those who obey are saved. Halleluyah! Praise Jehovah because Yahshua prevailed and the spirit of Yahweh has prevailed through resurrection to empower the true children of Jehovah to be saved. Zeus’s lightning storm is not stronger than the blood and the resurrection power of Yahshua. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Glory to Yahweh. The blood of Yahshua reigns forever and ever and ever and the Holy Spirit reigns for ever and ever and ever. Glory to Yahweh.Halleluyah! Being in the Vine which is from Africa (Egypt),Yahshua is the Vine, the blood of  Yahshua and the Holy Spirit and the angels this heavenly combo, what can withstand this heavenly combo? Nothing!

In Noah’s days evil had not yet evolved in wickedness as it is today. Today these evils has the nerves to pervert the truth, putting desolation in the high places, how did it all happen? Praise Yahweh Almighty for the remnant that will never compromised because they are truly called by Yahweh. The remnants have already been rapture and have faced the tribulation and are the bride of Christ and married to Christ while the world was enjoying. The rapture is in spiritual nature and those with spiritual eyes will see the face of Christ .The second coming will be for a glorious church. Remember Christ saying to Peter if you love me Peter feed my sheep with truth of my Kingdom with springs of living water that brings about life transformation and next generation is not lost to an adverse community, but as one is truly transformed it eventually shows in their families, communities and vice versa. No transformation leads to a community that reflects more ways of the adversary, than ways of a Holy and righteous Jehovah.

God spoke to Noah, saying go out of the Ark you and your wife (woman), and your son’s wives (woman) that are with you. Bring all living things that are with you, the fowl, of the cattle and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth and they went out of the ark according to their families. These family was really after Jehovah’s own heart, the first thing they did was, Noah built an alter to Jehovah and offered an offering with every clean bird at the altar of Jehovah. The offering had a delightful flavor and Jehovah said in his heart, I will never again curse the ground for the sake of man because the imagination of the heart of man is evil from his youth. Do you see these because of one man’s total obedience that is Noah as a human body allowed Jehovah to reverse the curse that had been activated by Adam? Halleluyah! This is a good place for us to examine our own actions as we live our lives, in regards to our actions a sweet fragrance to Jehovah or a stench in nostrils of Jehovah. The sweet fragrance of blessings come with no headaches but peace activating His blessings in the lives of His beloved, and vice versa are the actions totally hellish soar taste that delights Satan is all the evils in the earth? The sons of Satan offer him these every day in religion because religions just strips its victims of joy, peace, ever seeking and not possessing, strips off  genuine friendships, strips knowledge of Salvation, you can continue the list. Jehovah’s adversary primary job is to copy and imitate Jehovah’s Kingdom but no fruit of the spirit bearing, but lots of fruits of unrighteousness evident churches today, that is why it cannot replicate Jehovah’s Kingdoms benefits, The Kingdom of God, the church of Yahshua the messiah that has being replaced with  organized religion as Christianity, Buddhism, and the rest.

The adversary will always leave its victims dry and thirsty, no joy, no peace, no sweet sleep  due to poverty, unrighteousness, all these comes from tactics of the evil one and leading many to destruction in exchange for deals and fame. In Noah’s days, those that mucked Noah, by analyzing him in their human mind and ways of culture were drowned due to disobedience. The greatest destruction is not physical or natural destruction. The greatest destruction treat on a human mind, is the destruction of noble statues of truth that keep a society and preserve human life. Is a counterfeit, There is a destruction that is subtle that continuously attempts to erode righteous ways and after a while the societies become numb to truth. When this happens they begin to see evil as good and good as evil. The society becomes upside down standing on their foolishness of legalism. May you not be part of it.

The good news is that, Jehovah will always have His sons that are in the world but not of the world. These will continue to preserve Jehovah’s will to preserve his creation. Jehovah loves His creation so much! The adversary’s mission is to pervert all the sweetness of Jehovah, but Jehovah’s will stands for ages. Hear me, I said, Jehovah’s will stands, not will stand, but it stands and nothing can change Jehovah’s will. This one righteous man Noah with Jehovah brought out a whole generation of nations. The word also says while the earth exist there will be seed time and harvest time and cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not seize. Noah a righteous man sewed seeds of obedience and ripped an eternal harvest of blessings from Jehovah. This is another law, the law of what a man sews that also will a man rip in due season. If deception is sewn then what will be ripped will be fruits of deception too. The only way this can be averted is ,if Jehovah’s divine laws sets in and the truth about the Sons of Abraham, the tribe of Judah, the children of Israel, we are all over the world, and majority living today on the continent of Africa. The gentiles have turned the Kingdom message into religion. Religion will never replace the Kingdom of Jehovah. If religion could, all the material possessions, and comfortable lifestyle, being in total command of all the days, would have given many the fruits of the spirit but it is far from that. Why because a lie will never produce Jehovah’s approval into true spiritual things because it is at the discretion of Jehovah who knows his products inside out to allow HIS will to take precedence.

So Jehovah blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and rule over the animals and fish and cultivate it. This same blessing was with Adam, Jehovah cleansed the earth blessed Noah. A blessing repeated twice; at creation and after the flood, cleansing the world of evil. That is how important it is for mankind for all to manage the beautiful environment that was already self-sufficient with beautiful streams, nice vegetation, plenty of beef and all the good, the ground was blessed too. Jehovah warned man not to eat animal flesh with blood in it. If violated Jehovah said surely the blood of your life will be demanded, I will demand at the hand of animal and at the hand of man. There are some that destroy exotic animal life just for fun, this are the cold blood murderers who probably see nothing wrong in taking a life. How on earth would this be a recreational activity for someone? It is not to satisfy starving murdering spirit? They use gaming of exotic animals to satisfy a murdering spirit. May this gaming of exotic animals’ stop. When you go to a land respect the creatures of that Land. Jehovah’s plan for the nations is to cultivate it and not destroy any living thing in your path. Channel that energy and resources to preserve human life in the country you live in, I guaranty you will feel better about yourselves. Obey the statutes of your creator, if you do not know the name of the creator, then who are you really been religious for ? But you know the name of presidents and address them as such. If you know the name of your Creator, call the creator by His name. If you know you who created you, because I know you did not create yourself neither can you save yourself? The creator enjoys those who know His name. Even the Muslim’s have a name for theirs. If you a mere man enjoys the fact that you have a name, and that you are addressed by your name and you fill  acknowledged by the fact that they knew your name, instead of calling you this man, or this woman. How much more the creator whose name is Magnificent and Holy. Remember again that whoever sheds man’s blood, his own blood will be required by man because Jehovah made man in his image. He who sheds man’s blood, has also touched the handiwork of Jehovah, and it becomes a direct insult to Jehovah too, that is why this is so serious.

So Jehovah established his covenant with Noah as He spoke to Noah and his sons with him saying: I even I, are establishing my covenant with you and with your seed after you. Did you hear that, that is you and I. And Jehovah said I have made stand My covenant with you, and all flesh shall not be cut off by water. And Jehovah said this is the sign that I am about to make between Me and you and every living soul which is with you for everlasting generations. Are you a living soul like Noah in obedience, who worked in building the boat per Jehovah’s instructions through which Jehovah used to save him and his family; or are you a living soul doing your own thing out of disobedience and misleading many out of obedience too? Not following Jehovah instructions and choose instead to brain wash and reprogram itching ears that love entertainment instead of authenticity, even though in your heart you now the truth? Just answer in your heart.

It is not too late to take a 360 degree turn, if you do well, is there not acceptance with Jehovah? Do you remember the same instruction Jehovah showed Cain is still available for you today, just believe in Yahshua as Lord and savior to remit your sins and find acceptance with Jehovah. I want you to know that there is still acceptance of the good news of the Lord Yahshua. Accepting Yeshua’s love will not be in secret, like the acceptance of the evil of Satan which is subtle and destructive. It is public with gestures because it is honorable to be a son of Jehovah and you will take bold stands in obedience that will bring you into life as a son of the Jehovah. Sometimes a hired hand cannot bring out the truth. How can the blind lead the blind will they not all fall in the flame fire?

Jehovah said to Noah I have my bow in the cloud and it shall be a sign of a covenant between Me and the earth. And when I gather the clouds on the earth, then the bow shall be seen in the cloud. This covenant is a divine reminder between Jehovah and his sons, so be encouraged stay in obedience to your creator; Jehovah loves you to love Jehovah back by keeping keep His words. I said Jehovah’s word and not pervert it to oppress a people. Why because Jehovah created you to have a relationship with Himself not with Caesar who always promises and never delivers because Caesar is a copycat, deceiving many to worship the beast. The Caesar relationships syndrome honors everything else but Jehovah because of rebellion and a lie. A relationship that honors Jehovah has no deception – knowing the truth but not acknowledging it because of unbelief of the truth. Only the truth honors Jehovah and nothing else, Jehovah in turn honors His sons with the fruit of the Holy Spirit and best of all, salvation to His sons. So do you want Jehovah’s blessings and salvation? Love your Creator and love yourself and love others genuinely and keep the world a beautiful place respecting your bodies as the temple of Jehovah as intended by Jehovah our Creator! Never forget Jehovah our Father loves you!


P.S: If you are reading this today and you are not sure about your salvation or your Kingdom position, please visit the website pray the Salvation prayer and contact us to pray with you and aid you with resources to help you with the Kingdom of heaven lifestyle.

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