The Sons of Noah (Shem, Japheth and Ham)  

The sons of Noah the African man who went out of the Ark were Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives. Ham is the father of Kenaan. The whole world was populated by Noah’s three sons. As they settled, Noah began by planting a vineyard and drank from the palm wine from the palm tree and got drunk with palm wine and became uncovered in his nakedness. Ham the father of Kenaan saw the nakedness of his father and did nothing helpful about it, instead Ham laughed at the scene and proceeded to tell his two brothers Shem and Japheth who were outside about the condition he found his in.

Shem and Japheth took cloth garments and carried the cloth on both of their shoulders and they walked backwards with their faces backwards and covered their fathers Noah’s nakedness. This gesture done by Shem and Japheth towards their father Noah is still honored till today by the descendants of these two son as a culture. The cultural African outfit called “Arguarda ” which the men wear to this date. This outfits have large flowing extra arm length material that they gather up at the shoulders worn by men. Other outfits use the embroided loin cloth that is placed on the shoulder for the men’s cultural outfits. And the women have an embroided loin cloth garment throw that they wear directly on their shoulders or carried on one arm. Since I am talking about clothing of culture and how it ties in with the biblical history,It is the same about the coat of many colors that Joseph owned that aroused jealousy in his brothers was from these part of Africa in Southern British Cameroons where the cultures has been maintained by the descendants of Joseph who are still on the continent even with their outfits” coats of many colors” that are for princes and princesses till today and still worn by the descendants of Joseph thus Jacob whose name was changed by Jehovah to Israel. These outfits are still around in the African cultures to this day. That is why culture of a people is important, it reveals their heritage and what a people’s background is, preserves their history and who they are in history as they work towards their inheritance.

This was the reason why the Colonial human hunters came and decided to divide the whole continent in boundaries that do not make sense tribal wise, and captured a lot of relatives out in an attempt to dilute the biblical significance of the African Hebrew biblical significance and erase it totally from the continent with one goal of masking the truth, with the main goal of destroying significance thus stealing a peoples heritage. Praise Jehovah who can never be masked or diluted by attempting to dilute The Kingdom of Heaven. These garments of significance are seen throughout these descendants. Jehovah’s knew the hearts of men that is wicked and concealed the matter throughout the ages in so doing preserving destiny that will tell the story with insight and revelation at the same time judging the matter.

Some of the southern tribes in Africa had the same traditional wears that Abba Father Jehovah used to cover Adam and Eve when they were naked in the Garden of Eden. These tribes use animal skin to cover themselves too during festive occasions, and some use the animal fur as a dancing rod in same royal celebrations even till this day, you will still see these artifacts with the descendants of Shem and Japheth. Out of these same culture, the Judah Jerusalemite Jews made a Tallit prayer cloth because of the significance of a divine covering during prayer. This was used by the Israelites Tribe of Judah the African Jews as a divine covering. Yahshua being our more than enough covering as he was stripped on the tree.  Father Abraham from these same culture Abraham the African Hebrew father took with him the same cloth to the land, this cloth over the shoulders in prayer and worship or some sacred prayer cloth Tallit that has the scriptures at the end with the Tassels that Yahshua Our African Hebrew Savior and Redeemer used also during prayers. I say this because the mask of deceit that entered due to confused consciousness or whatever else it might have been for the different religions that painted a false image of the son of man needs to be taken off, because a total fulfillment of the Kingdom of heaven will not be experience in a lie. Jehovah is truth in all fullness and none will not enter into the Kingdom of Jehovah in a lie with the father of lies Lucifer, who is lies in all fullness .A human’s soul is at stake here.

Shem and Japheth walked backwards and turn their heads backwards, to cover Noah’s nakedness which also symbolizes how Our Lord and Savior Yahshua was stripped naked on the cross by the wicked crowd and Romans, Sadducees and Pharisee ,so that all who believe and do what Yahshua says will be covered out of a spiritual nakedness; these groups were drunk of a serpentine evil spiritual wine of pride, power, self-righteousness lacking true revelation knowledge and so missed the revelation because Yahshua was born in a poor African Hebrew family looking nothing like those in high society but worked as a carpenter, they sure under estimated the power of Jehovah because they concentrated on is physical look, background and tribe of Judah.

This was the root of discrimination ignorance manifesting itself even to the Creator of the universe. Had they known the end of the matter, they would have for sure paid Him to just rebel or not border Him. Their drunkenness in behavior also mapped their spiritual nakedness which has left the descendants of these groups today totally spiritually naked because they have dined in a lie about their spiritual identity without descending the truth, and Gentiles have benefited as stated in the Holy Scriptures. Once the fullness of gentiles are saved the Israelite will all be saved. As the body of Yahshua the duty is to continually forgive those who out of pain or ignorance have taken upon themselves to strip others naked by their actions, we walk in love because Jehovah has the last say in all matters. The Israelite have surely not been blessed by the Gentiles who have poured out in vain to a Robber.

Get revelation or enlightened knowledge in Christ resurrection and be in peace with yourself. That is how peace will go throughout the earth. It starts with you and in your own homes then it will only be a matter of time for peace to reach a neighbor, a city, a country, and a nation. Peace starts with you! Yes you beloved reading. Back to the sons of Noah.  Shem and Japheth’s descendants seemed to not progress or seemed like they are only going backwards but eventually these same descendants are being used today to cover the nakedness of the cross through the  resurrected power of Christ, whose resurrected power experience is been made manifest through resurrection power of  Holy Spirit and enlightened knowledge in the resurrection helpless condition thus cancelling a culture of disbelief that is totally spiritually naked in the world today with dead works.

The wonder working resurrection power of the Yahshua through the Holy Spirit is ushering in the Kingdom of heaven in those who bear witness to the empty tomb of Yahushua’s grace and mercy in the power of Yahshua resurrection. Thus bearing fruit of the Kingdom of heaven. This signifies that there are believers today experiencing total resurrection in their spiritual condition, thus been fully and rightfully cloth spiritually thus producing the fruits of the Holy spirit manifesting the Kingdom of heaven to the Glory of Jehovah, just as  Noah’s nakedness was covered by his sons. The son of man Yahshua came to cover mankind’s spiritual nakedness that started with Adam and Eve.

When Noah woke up, he came to know that his younger son Ham had seen his nakedness and laughed instead. These is exactly what the descendants of Ham have done through unbelieve. And Noah said cursed be Canaan and said Canaan shall be a slave. And Noah said blessed be Jehovah the God of Shem and May Canaan be His slave. The wicked mind of wicked men misused this verse as reverse. Jehovah knew very well the future and knew that man’s heart is deceitful and knew that these same land will end up to be a curse instead of a blessing because a lie will enter the land of Canaan. Note here that Noah did not curse his son Ham. He cursed the land Canaan today’s Jordan and neighboring         Tel Aviv  land area.

And Noah revealed Almighty God’s  name as he offered a blessing    saying that, the Jehovah God of Shem be blessed. So Shem’s descendants knew their God’s name. Halleluyah! My soul blesses the God of my salvation. Jehovah had already blessed Noah and his family. Shem, Ham and Japheth are the generation of the sons of Noah. However Ham brought dishonor to himself by a spirit of dishonor his father who care for him instead of exploiting him. He dishonored a righteous man by neglecting his father Noah.

And Noah said, Jehovah shall enlarge Japheth and he shall live in the tents of Shem and Canaan shall be their slave. These today are the children of Israel that escaped persecution of the Babylonian terror in the days when the temple was destroyed and a large percentage of Israelites Africans Jews migrated back to the African Continent for a tent till this date. A handful of the Israelites from African descendants did not return to the continent during persecution however  were taken captives into Babylon like David the African Hebrew man whose descendants are still on the cities near Israel till this day.

Note I did not say Israeli who mostly are convert Jews  from the Sadducees and Pharisee  sects convert from Paul’s experience  in his encounter on the Damarcus road. These are the Shepradic 2% descendants and the Ashkenazi Jews from Germany, Europe  some have settled in 1947 with the descendants of Palestinians the promise land for the Israelites. The Philistines are those who were helpers of David at one point when he was in Babylonian captivity, thus covering David’s nakedness too meaning acknowledging his dignity and treating him with kindness in truth. Any hatred today towards the descendants of the Philistines is a hatred towards their Creator their God and rebellion toward Jehovah and allegiance to Satan by the sons of Satan.

So the lie mentioned is due to the destruction of the truth of Holy word of Yahweh ties to the African Hebrew prophets and the African tribe of Judah of Jacob whose name was changed to Israel by Jehovah, out of Jacob came the twelve tribes of Israel, before temples were destroyed by colonial Babylonian invasion and for fear of anterior motives to be discovered. The Holy Book of Apocryptal which main theme was truth and righteous and the African people obeyed it, in fear of Jehovah before the first European set foot on the Continent. It was same as the Hebrew Holy word but the Greeks rewrote it and changed the names, and spiritual meanings  in translations was lost, And when the protestants decided to translate also like the Greek , Latin and eventually to English from the Hebrew languages ,the  African Hebrew ethnicity Judean truths of the Patriarch’s and the Identity of Yahshua mother a Hebrew African woman and Joseph a Hebrew African father was construed to be of European origin and  The name of Yahshua was changed from the significance of Deity of masculine gender to a name of  feminine gender as exhibited through the Roman culture in art, to European arts as well to the extent that generation of children born have been deceived about these crucial important facts. This sin of deceptive secret, is deeply rooted in hatred of a people and their God. The fruits of these is the decline of faith in these countries, lots of empty souls and empty churches but filled with concerts to the extent that the state of the affairs is upside down in most Religious Institutions that just going through the motions of mascaraed due to Spiritual nakedness caused by misinterpretations and some are birthing fruits of abominations from the father of lies. This detrimental fruits have manifested in the society as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah.

Due to the distortion of truth in the names and identity of the foundation of the Holy people in the Holy Scriptures. Is this a big mistake “Yes” Who changes any body’s name or locations of a place, or a people when they are narrating or translating a Holy book? The first thing that a thieve want after another human’s history is to take away their identity by removing the name, then the language, and culture eventually purpose. The instructions Yahweh gave the prophets was no one should change the contents of the Holy Word of God and declared consequences if done. Will the Living God Jehovah be mocked? Even when common history of countries or cultures are written or translated no historian changes a name of the participants or place of the story. Even us today if you change your name, even using your nick name, it seems to be questionable by some. How much more of the names of the real personalities and locations of the Holy word of Jehovah? Selah!

Note that Israelites and Israeli are different groups of people with different cultural identities. Israeli is a new term having nothing to do with the Abraham’s covenant the African Hebrew Israelites and the African Jerusalamic Jews. The Israelites are the African Hebrew descendants of the Hebrew African Father Abraham, The Tribe of Judah of Jacob, the tribe of the African mother Mary and African Hebrew father Joseph, the birth Parents of Yahshua LORD AND SAVIOR. A lot of Israelites are still on the continent of Africa and majority are still scattered all over the world now because of economic captivity and majority living on the Continent as lost sheep and the descendants of those who were forcefully brought out on the continent into captivity of forced Labor that lasted 400 years, all the lost sheep that have been found. Praise the Holy name of Yahshua. This is the end of the captivity. Jehovah himself is comforting Zion his people right despite the Lie of propaganda by Israeli. A lie will not stand. It is bound in heaven this day.

The Israelites are descendants of Biblical Patriarchs from Moses, Abraham, Solomon, David, the prophets and to our Precious Savoir Yahshua who was definitely of African Hebrew origin with his family Mary and Joseph all from the tribe of Judah and the other eleven tribes mentioned .That is why it was not too difficult for the Romans and the Jews Pharisees, Sadducee and Romans to crucify The Lord and Savior of the world whom Jehovah sent as a last chance to redeem His Creation from the power of death that was activated by Adam.

The lie as discussed has become a spiritual nakedness to the masses, it is deception of the century. It is not too late to repent of this lie for the sake of these generations salvation. Note that this day the lie has been corrected in the universe by Jehovah Himself. The Holy Spirit operates very well in authenticity of heart towards truth regardless of background but will not operate the same way in a lie. Chose this day what you want Heaven (truth) or (Hell) lies.

All mankind who will believe and work out their salvation in sanctification in righteousness by accepting grace that has already been made available will for sure see life because grace gives us ability to do right and say in truth. It is a matter of life and a matter of death. I pray you choose life because you cannot say again you did not know the truth of Jehovah. As Jehovah is pleased to correct this generational lie. They are spelled out in the law that Moses gave the African Hebrew Israelites these Divine laws are so important because the Holy Spirit within an individual will give them the ability to obey  them and comfort them into Christ like attributes for the day of the coming of the Lord Yahshua. Make sure you get His name right. Who does not know their bridegrooms name or their Husbands name? Only an illegitimate engagement or marriage. Selah The law thou shall not lie or covet your neighbors.

When they decided to strip Yahshua they thought they were exposing his nakedness because he did not look like the rest of the Sadducee or Pharisee Jews and the Romans; just because he was of African Hebrew origin, Mary and Joseph had to bring The Lord Yahshua to Africa at age twelve to hide him there amongst his own people so He will not be easily identified by Herold. Yahshua the Messiah and family lived there for a good length of time for fear of been killed.

This invaders did not get the memo thou shall not kill. They were still uncivilized.They invaded the kingdoms and Palaces and killed people as they destroyed artifact, some artifacts the African Identity Nose shape was broken off to hide the identity of these African kings by the European invasion of the Continent in 1885 and did a complete mess of what Jehovah had arranged, after some of the kings defeated the armies, their images was painted as Europeans misrepresenting their identity and some were captured into captivity living in areas deserted. The African continent was all connected and extended as one into the areas of today’s Gaza strip, all the way to Canaan area todays Jordan. As back then the first and only Israelites that were ever sold into slavery taken to different parts of the world including America was the African Jehovah fearing Families who live a righteous life. There was no other group of people that has ever been enslaved that would last for 400 years despite the lies today. The canal between the Lands was recently created. The people went back and forth through dry ground to Jerusalem to join with their relatives Jerusalemites Judeans to worship and offer their sheep/goats/doves as sacrifices before the temples were taken over by uncircumcised Priest which Yahweh complained about in through the prophets. This is because all the temples were destroyed and forces the African Hebrews Judean Israelites to escape for their live as others   with time turned to idolatry because of their Idolatrous king.

Yahshua had to intervene with Paul on Damascus road because His people were been persecuted and killed in masses, Many were carried to Babylon, while some escaped back to the African (Yehudah) Continent with many descendants still living there today. Despite continuous plots of various types to wipe out these Hebrew Jewish descendants in Africa and those descendants of the Continent scattered throughout the world. Jehovah Himself will continue to intervene in defense for His people. Those who bless the Israelites will be blessed. Is that not the scripture? Selah

A wicked nature individual may not appreciate truth due to the wicked nature of man and a spirit from the father of lies, a spirit of deceit but they cannot afford to ignore this truth any longer. This truth is certainly important to Jehovah that his children may know the truth in Him and be set free as they separate from lies thus signifying separation from the father of lies otherwise they will eat the fruits of the lies and never have a chance into the Kingdom of Heaven or in the feast room .Some who think because they call the name Jesus, Jesus, Yahshua will say I do not know you! Or Yahshua will say you have the wrong garment(spirit) and you be escorted out of the banquet feast. Authentic living in repentance is key. We pray that it would not be you or me Grace! The descendants of those who killed the prophets and build tombs as a testimony that their forefathers in spiritual nakedness of confusion as drunken with wine killed the prophets and men of Jehovah throughout history even in this same age we live in. As long as one does not come clean they are a part of the ring on the father of lies Satan who is definitely an adversary to the Jehovah’s will. Using religion as a cover to fatten in wickedness and nakedness while diminishing at the same time. Jehovah will help us.

Stand now for the truth or keep company with the dragon to eternity silence too is a choice and the window is definitely short and shorter than you may think for your day of visitation. It will come like a thief in the night, unless you were already glorious in actions of the heart, you will be caught off guard. If the truth be told a devote Muslim will get grace and mercy in their so call religion before a lie gets any grace or mercy if it does not come clean. Praise Jehovah for grace and mercy who enables His servants to come clean. Halleluyah! Glory to Jehovah.

If you decide to keep the Law regardless of the price the so call rebellious demons will have to give you a good bye notice because a righteous way of life will not be conducive for them, no legal authority for them to act because it hates the light (The Holy Word) which is the Lord and Savior Yahshua. Truth in Himself Yahshua helping you in the ability to be righteousness, living rightly, far from Confucianism drunkenness of ideas that tickles the ears but does zero for the soul’s to righteousness leaving it more wearing than ever.

Everything has already been arranged by Jehovah in his sons, the real body of Yahshua the Christ who sees deep in the heart of man. So a person’s actions reveals a person’s spirit. Note that we all need repentance, right believe and obedience because Our Lord shed his blood to remove the curse of death, and spiritual nakedness regardless of who you are, Israelites of Judah, The Jerusalemites Jews or the gentiles. He was stripped naked so you can be covered spiritually and physically.

In Genesis 9:24, is were the first dishonor of a parent started with Ham dishonoring his father by seeing him naked and taking no action. And the Holy word of Yahweh been dishonored in a lie that has been perpetuated from forefathers through generation to generation, with children been born into it and owning a false birth right and identity of herritage that does not exist for them outside believing in the savoir Yahshua. The Honor of the sacredness of the Fathers and Saviors names and their Hebrew men and Prophets Names and identity was stolen, yet to their own detriment. The name of Almighty God Jahovah(Jehovah) and the Name of the Messiah(Yahshua) carries the spirit of the Almighty God thus the Holy Spirit of the Messiah in The name. You change the name you short change yourselves with everything else that the real name and identity carries too. No wonder the Israeli Jewish converts are still waiting for the messiah. If the name and the spirit is wrong it’s an open door to all the curses in the law which are for all the idol book of law that is not for any Jehovah fearing son. May the mercy and grace of Yahweh penetrated the situation to repentance.

Continuing with Noah and sons, because of Ham’s dishonoring his Father, Jehovah gave the Law to Moses about Thou shall honor your father and your mother. Ham settled in the land. And these coast of the nations were divided by these in the lands, each by his tongue, by their nations. So Ham went to settle in the land Canaan and he fathered Cush, Mizraim Put, and Canaan. The sons of Cush where Seba, Havilah, Sabtah, Raamah,Sabtah and Sabtechah. Raamah’s sons were Seba and Dedan. Cush also fathered Nimrod and Nimrod the African began to be a mighty man in Canaan and was a mighty hunter before Jehovah. Note here that Nimrod was in the presence of Jehovah and not out of the presence of Jehovah. Nimrod, the beginning of his Kingdom was called Babel and he became great on the earth. And Erech, Accad, and Calneh in the Land in Shinar. And out of that land went forth Asshur, and built. Nimrod went from Canaan and built Assyria and also built Ninevah.  Mizraim was Ham’s son who fathered Ludim, Anamim, Nathtuhim, Pathrusim and Casluhim from whom the Philistines of today are descendants. All these are the Arab descendants, you can tell from the names that end in –IM etc. That is why you see African descendants all around there in Saudi Arabia etc so do not think of any war against these descendants or any Jehovah’s children. Especially if you call yourself a believer in Christ. Jehovah also blessed them, they are before him always too. Before all the confusionist movements all these people lived in peace and respected one another. That is why Yahshua is appearing to them and converting them to the Kingdom of Heaven and they are bearing fruit of the Kingdom of God. Jehovah will not be mocked in these matters by mere humans that He created. Let him who has ears hear!

The Land that Noah had cursed was the Land of Canaan and not Ham because Jehovah had already blessed Noah and His sons thus his family. Ham’s last son was named Canaan who fathered his first born Sidon and Heth, and the Jebusites and the Amorites and the Hivites and the Arkites, and the Sinites and the Arvadites, Zemarites and the Hamathites and all these tribes made up the families of the Canaanites and were routed afterwards.

All these where the sons of Ham according to their families, according to their tongues in their countries in their nations in Canaan which is the area of present day Jordan .And the boarder of Canaanites was from Sidon as you come to Gerar, as far as Gaza, as you go in towards Sodom and Gomorrah (present day Jordan) and Admah and Zeboim even to Lasha. They were on the Land until  when  converts of  the descendants of the rebellious Pharisees and Sadducees that lived in Europe, Germany etc. were brought back due to Political interest to the Europeans and allies in that region. A conversion without the Holy Spirit is still unproductive because, the fruits of the Holy Spirit will be lacking and do more damage than good is attained due lack of revelation knowledge despite scholastic learning. The reason for no peace in Teliveh is fruit of lies. Whenever it is a Yahweh thing, the Holy Spirit is fully present with physical evidence of the power of the light that is the truth in Knowledge of Jehovah’s words and vice versa. Whenever a conversion is not of Yahweh, the Holy Spirit will be absent and there will be darkness (lack of revelation) lacking knowledge in the right thing to do and will want to take by force of Bloodshed. Yahshua already shed His blood for all mankind that will believe, there is no need to shed human blood again. Except it is to satisfy blood hungry demons which is an abomination to life.

Jehovah says you bless an Israelite you will be blessed. Make sure you know who the real Israelites and the Jews are. This one thing Jehovah Creator of all mankind and the Universe hates is a lie, which Jehovah’s prophets repeatedly warned against and called to talk about it. Who is paying attention? Because man is deceitful, and as a thief comes to steal, kill and destroy so they did with truth, and so is the territory of promise today. Praise Jehovah that this cannot happen as a liar desires. Remember that no one will gain peace without implementing the teachings of the Prince of peace, the Messiah Yahshua, yes the melamine pigmented Savoir Yahshua who has risen and every eye will see the Lord in their spiritual eyes in the rapture, if the Physical eye is blind they will still see the risen Lord either to live forever or to be left forever in the tribulation. And the second coming all will see him because none will be blind physically or spiritually since the groom’s bride will be spotless and glorious. If these teachings are in the hands of a thief it will bear no fruit for that thief, instead there will be a spiritual nakedness as in Noah’s drunkenness, until he who has the revelation of the risen Yahweh teaches it to cover all the spiritual nakedness’s out there. Let him who has ears hear! Any lie will not stand, this is why the revelation about the lie that has been perpetuated from generation to generation came to me from the Jehovah through the help of the Holy Spirit. That is how serious this lie is before Jehovah as a stench in His nostrils. That he would reveal it to His bride. Halleluyah! Halluyah! Halleluyah!

When you read nakedness here see it as a spiritual state of being absent of revelation due lack of truth. Even though for Noah it was physical, it was depicting a spiritual state of mind and circumstances that mankind would as a result of unhealthy desires that may deprive a mind and render it helpless through wrong decision making leading to dishonor.

This lie is about the history and how the African origin of Father Abraham, Moses through our Lord and Messiah Yeshua(Yahshua) was common knowledge amongst the Romans ancient history ,western scholars and the early apostolic fathers of the church, who also tried to stand for the truth of the African Holy  Hebrew scriptures but are martyr  long before the European Renaissance and the Catholics did the great harm in changing all the names and renaming people and places differently in the Holy Bible and at the same time not allowing the masses to own bibles for themselves, because of fear of them discovering the truth about the identity of the Biblical Story. It is Jehovah’s heart beat that the truth be told now to your Children; Who have been thought a lie all these decades, help them now at least to have a chance to redemption, instead of consequences of eternal damnation while enjoying earthly vanities. This will not be wise if you love your kids.

The fruits of the Kingdom cannot be fully experienced living a lie. It is like a dubious religious mask  while courting, that leads into a marriage that will never own an authentic marriage certificate, because the certificate can only be given by the right authority Yahweh Himself is truth. Yahweh being truth,do you think Yahweh will issue a certificate of marriage to a union that from its very origin and characteristics is a big lie? That is why today you have so much complete spiritual nakedness in the religious Institutions that continue in this lie rather than repent in the truth coupled with Idolatry in churches this is drunkenness. Today these places are looking more and more as entertainment centers, wearing torn garments(the new sign in religious circle in betrayal), and clothing that is revealing of Jezebel seduction spirit to the masses entertaining the masses with false hope and confidences.

Actions speak louder than words because in some of these religious houses they removed Bibles from their churches as they rewrite their own passages that they want masses to hear and print as the book for use and some rewrite Bibles taking out the meaning of original intent and worse of all, misinterpreting everything  perpetuating  the lies. Once Rome realized the truth about who the Jews and the Israelite are, the truly ancient African Hebrew people and even now their descendants, they knew that eventually  they cannot be hidden any longer in secret lies, Rome not being the true Holy Land, the Popes started to resign and shifted Papal roles to Hispanic origin Pope, and opened doors to African, Philipino ,Indian etc  Bishops and Priest, and open doors to ethnic women Marian groups alike for the first time in modern history in this institutions, and increased its presence in churches on the Continent,all these after the damage has been done , thank Jehovah it is not beyond repairs. All these changes cannot hide the lies. Start repenting by removing all the statues from the basilica and churches, the word of Jehovah says thou shall make no graven images for your self. If the images must stay then,it is prove that the house is not Jehovah’s but Satan who is a father of images.

Your best bet now is to pray for Jehovah to show you an authentic alter where the Holy Spirit dwells, since your body that is the temple of the Holy Spirit. The reward associated with the alter is the reward a person gets as they become a member of that pulpit. That is as you agree with them. It flows from the head down. If one knows the truth and refuses to educate others about it, just because the truth is too bitter to swallow, there will be no freedom even though you seem free. All will continue to be bound. The truth is the only way to be set free so whom the Lord sets free will always be free because of Rhema, life regenerating WORD Yahshua.

So if one is teaching in a lie for a long time and knows the truth yet refuse to teach it at the expense of their own salvation. This clearly means the person is lacking knowledge or that the person is a thief who has come to steal, kill and destroy The Kingdom of God from His people. The good news is that it is too late now for the thieve to destroy such truth again. Heaven is fully engaged now. Heaven is touching earth right now. This lie will now be their captivity and the captives are been set free by the Spirit of truth of Yahshua who sees the hearts of all.

So the wise Master will reconcile accounts to save themselves and in so doing may be the master will have mercy. Those who came to the knowledge of this truth will correct themselves and some will just remove themselves from public lie while adjusting accordingly. While others continue in the deceit by ignoring the truth and sticking to the big lie because their father is a father of lies and judgement is inevitable. Jehovah is Just.

The truth about who the real Israelites and Jerusalemite Jews are, is the fact that this truth was common knowledge known by Europeans in the past and known today by Top Bible scholars and the early apostolic fathers of Christianity knew many things that they did not want the Christian masses to know about ,things like the background history, content and the real Israelites and Jerusalemite Jews of the Holy Bible,these ancestors were all of African origin. As a result, the very design of the Institution was to protect the Bible from the lay masses, until the reformation, the Bible was secretly guarded and its contents was known just to the appointed in the church, because of the need to conceal these truths from the masses.After all the images were change in drawings to look like Davinci and their companions. The earliest design and practices of Christianity was based upon placing a cadre of priest between the Holy Bible and the people.Remember that today in Christ we go directly to the throne with the word of Jehovah our God as a born again, we are priest and kings to our God. It is not a secret that the Europeans knew well of the African origin of Judaism (Jews) and the African Hebrew Holy Scripts and the Apocryphal books the original and the Holy words in the Holy Hebrew Scriptures which Yahweh Himself stressed is that The Holy Scriptures should not be changed and stated that consequences will follow if the book be changed.

The truth about the true Israelites and the Jerusalemite Jews is known among the honest church fathers and the early apostles Fathers of the Church long before the European renaissance. Even today it is not a secret in the religious scholars who recognize this fact. The time to come clean in the churches is now. Let it be known that he who maltreats any of these descendants of these great divine history will continue to answer Jehovah in judgement. The story must be corrected and told properly.

When Noah got drunk with palm wine, it symbolized the fact that the confused wicked mind of man who is evil by nature will pervert the right things of Yahweh, just like wine confuses the mind rendering its victim helpless and open to a naked spiritual path due to ignorance and wickedness which is the route of a lie we have just read leading to destruction. Noah was a righteous man a prototype of our redeemer and whose sons covered his nakedness caused by an external mind intoxication called deception. It is in like manner today that descendants of Noah are covering the doubts of many about Yahshua good news of the Kingdom of Heaven by bearing its fruits as it should have been in the first place. Also coupled with the DNA testing revealing who the real Jews and Israelite’s are the African tribes of Judah, the descendants of the twelve sons of Jacob, we are the Jerusalemites Jews and the Israelites, The lost and found Hebrew Africans with many descendants on the continent today and still scattered all over the world today, and all the descendants of Africans in America and the islands. Even amongst these no lie will enter the Kingdom.

Despite the great wealth of Countries due to forceful killing and seizing wealth that belongs to others, they have not responded appropriately to the issues of the precious people of Jehovah because of a direct rebellion towards the Creator Jehovah by sons of Satan. As though  they contempting with Yahweh  saying survival of the fittest and wait and see attitude as they murder the chosen ones and  finding ways for continuous exploitation. They continuously attempting to control the population of these race through organized schemes and stealing from the children bread. It is like manner as Satan was tempting Yahshua in the wilderness to turn stones to bread to eat after the wilderness. And Yahshua responded to Satan, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of Yahweh because the word is life to him who finds it. Many have the stolen the word from others revelations and have not found it for themselves yet. Whatever you do get a word from the Holy Spirit, this word comes with power.

So people need to go back to the Divine laws of the Holy Bible of Moses and reestablish your homes, your Communities, your Cities, your Counties, Countries and Nations only then will you stand in this day that the earth is spinning around the universes and falling apart and the universes are spinning around earth other too. Eventually the earth will fall then after same time passes, the universes will lose itself from holding axis and hit the ground with fire explosions. If for some reason you need to get drunk, please be drunk with the new wine in Jehovah’s laws instead of the confusion in brewed wine i.e. ideologies far from truth which causes dementia of identity resulting in generational loathing of truth which eventually leaves the thief and victim completely spiritually naked having lots of knowledge with zero revelation.

The victim, the one stolen from becomes half naked because of a false identity, as Noah was in drunkenness until his sons covered Him up. Rhema revelations controls a person’s actions thus giving them life. This same way the Sons of the Kingdom of Jehovah will bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom of Heaven restoring Honor to the Kingdom of God which Yahshua brought on his shoulder a government of righteousness not man’s hands as a government. This time no scheme devised by Satan can stop the manifestation of the Kingdom of Heaven right here on earth and the nakedness of the victims will be covered to the glory of Jehovah.

Any persons who is blind and foolish at this time can buy oil from those who have kept the lamp burning by still believing in Jehovah even though they were thought a lie and stripped of dignity like Yahshua on the cross, their hearts stilled searched in wisdom to fear a God who turned out to be their God. If one has wisdom they will totally back off now from harassing Yahshua himself lest they get a Damascus experience as a wake up call with thorns in the flesh as Yahshua’s grace is sufficient to keep them. He will forgive debts quickly and work on restructuring itself as opposed to seeking out the next ignorant victim to exploit or devour, devising new ways or methods to invade and loath again.

This type of actions brings total spiritual nakedness brought on self by wickedness of heart. This is an angry place to be at. Those that are fully naked have no breastplate of righteousness nor can they teach, mentor or reprove in the Holy Spirit to birth son in righteousness. Sons of riches can be birth because they have sealed their heart in ICES to receive black cards pockets, meaning cold hearts that do not care to pull masses with them to hell as long as money flows. The second group is the ones with only tops on, they are kind however do not have full control, because of unjust societal restrains thus there is great spiritual craving for righteousness but condition make them compromise Kingdom benefits and lacking moral values thus thirsting all the time for true peace. There is grace because some genuinely crave for the Kingdom and are filled by Yahshua because their hearts are not wicked. Jehovah hates wickedness because it destroys His creation. Wickedness is like a drunkard in confusion who has no control over their affairs unless they destroy a good thing  in their part until they self-destroy all into hell.

The truth and righteous ways is like the actions of the sons of Noah, which covers all the nakedness by respecting self, honoring human life in all capacities,standing in truth of the good news of the Kingdom of God, this is a dignifying covering for such an individual. Remember that Jehovah’s love is deeper than any spiritual nakedness. Jehovah loves the world, that is why Yahshua came to redeem man to himself lest man perishes in spiritual nakedness. Halleluyah! Praise Jehovah for sovereign grace and mercy. Jehovah loves you and wishes that all be saved and be dignified since He was already humiliated, so that mankind can be saved ,honored and be dignified instead of acting worse than his animal creatures. So that no one will be dishonored like he was. May Jehovah cover all the spiritual nakedness in the world around you this day.

Shem was born even to him, the father of all the sons of Eber. Remember Shem and Japhteth were the sons who put a cloth on their shoulder and they covered their fathers Nakedness .Till date these chosen people are still wearing their outfit in same manner. Both men and women wrap their clothes on their shoulders. So the Sons of Shem were Elam, Asshur, Arpachshad, Lud, Aram. And Aram’s sons were Uz, Hul, and Gether, Masho. And Aprachshed fathered Shalach, and Shalach fathered Eber.

Eber’s sons were Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided and his brother’s name was divided and his brothers name was Joktan  who fathered Almodad, Sheleph ,Hazarmaveth, Jereh and Hadoram,Uzel, Abimael,and Sheba and Ophir, Hailah and Jobab. These all were the sons of Joktan. And their dwelling was from Mesha as you go to Sephar, an eastern Mountain. So this were the sons of Shem according to their tongues in their lands according to their nations. All these were the families of the sons of Noah by their generations and were divided in the earth after the flood. And at that time the world earth was of one lip and one speech.

And it happened that as they traveled from the east from the continent and they found a level valley in the land of Shinar. Valley signifying a land of bondage, sin and far from God. And each one said to his neighbor came let us make brick and thoroughly burn them and they had asphalt for mortar. And they said come let us build a city and make a name for ourselves that we not be scattered on the face of the earth and Jehovah came to see the city and the tower  with a  its top in the heavens and make a  name  for that we not be scattered on face of all the earth and Jehovah came down to see the city which the sons of Adam had built.And Jehovah said the people are one and their lip one to all of them,and this they are beginning to do and now all which they imagine to do ,will not be restraint from them. Come let us go down and confuse their lips so they cannot understand one another’s speech. And Jehovah scattered them from there.

Shem also fathered Arpachshad two years after the flood. Shem fathered more sons and daughters as discussed. Arpachshad and Shalach fathered Eber who fathered Peleg. An Eber fathered Peleg fathered Reu fathered Serug fathered Nahor fathered sons and daughters. Nahor fathered Terah and Terah lived seventy five years and fathered Abram. Abram is from the family line of Shem, who with his brothers covered his father’s Noah’s nakedness with the cloth they put on their shoulder and still worn by these descendants till today. All these points us to who the descendants of the line of Abraham are. Everything of Jehovah is been attacked by Lucifer by claiming counterfeits even today, it is what Lucifer does best but Jehovah will always defend his children by giving others in their place in the end all things will work together for good to those who are chosen according to his promise.

Jehovah created everything and loved what He created and declared it good. Would you be a good steward, before you get sacked and have no way to appeal. The righteous reading this will be at peace, and the unrighteous will react either by loving it to correction or acting angry by reinforcing their lie to their own detriment.Will Jehovah be mocked by mere man who can not save his own life? It is all good better now than latter when it might be too late.African Israelite and Jews of Judah descendants will be comforted by Jehovah himself and the father of lies will comfort the lie with false propaganda to destruction. At least there is an awareness.Jehovah loves you. Abba Father bless the reader with peace. Shalom!



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