The Sons of Terah Father of Abram

And this are the generations of Terah the African father. Terah fathered three sons Abram, Nahor and Haran. Haran fathered Lot. Haran died in Africa at a location that was later named around 1800 AD to the name Ur of Chaldeans located northern part of Africa. Then Abram and Nahor took wives in Africa. Abram’s wives name was Sarai and Nahor took a wife named Milcah, who was the daughter of Haran, who also fathered Iscah. Sarai was barren and had no child. Note that Abram’s grandfather was Shem who walked backwards to cover Noah’s nakedness with clothing on their arm, whose descendants even today continue to wear the cultural outfits of significance that are thrown over the shoulder as previously discussed in the Identity Crisis Restored series IV. While Abram was here in Africa, Jehovah told Abram to live his kindred family and go out of his land to go to another land where Jehovah would show Abram.

So Terah the African father took his sons and they went from Ur of Chaldeans and went into the land of Canaan which is today’s Jordan area where Ham and his family had gone as discussed in series 1V. Jehovah promised Abram saying I will make you a great nation and make your name great and be a blessing to many nations and curse those despising you. And Jehovah said I will despise those who despise you or your people and I will bless you and in all your families in the world. Make sure you know who Abram’s people are in these day of truth. These are those that stand in truth of righteousness that is the African Israelites Jews, African believers in truth of Yahshua and the Gentile born again Christians that stand in truth and righteousness and justice just like Abram believed Yahweh and followed through in action in obedience to Yahweh.

Abram’s families are all over the world as the Body of Yahshua the Christ who obey and do the commandments and keeps Jehovah’s divine laws. For those that keep divine laws Yahweh is merciful as they operate in love to self and towards others as Abram continuously protected and loved the people, Christ dwells in them because they fear Yahweh and keep Yahweh’s commandments. Those that run away from Yahweh’s commandments and ignore the Messiah Yahshua’s teachings are operating in cheap grace of not carrying the cross to follow Yahshua, through which the secrets of The Kingdom are revealed (He who the son sets free is free indeed) and the deception of the adversary exposed. If these are not exposed the captives of vain religion stays bound and never entering the Kingdom of heaven because of ignorance about keeping the commandments. Seeking in vain with no manifest power of the benefits of the Kingdom of Heaven. These resort to faking motions that deceive man but repulsing to Yahweh who alone gives lasting treasures of the Holy Spirit.

Grace is sufficient to keep the good news to go out until fullness of gentiles then all the Israelites will be saved as Paul preached because Jehovah will do a quick work through the finished work of Yahshua the messiah, the wind blows where Yahweh chooses and it will not be in vain like organized religion or liars seek in vain and they know it within their hearts, coming clean will be the best wise chose than a choice to continue in lies; It’s like going to the chocolate factory and smelling all the sweet flavor but never tasting the chocolate and having its benefits in the body because once they step out the flavor diminishes(seeking Yahshua in vain) of propaganda, as opposed to them who go to the chocolate factory enjoy the flavor and at the same time access the real chocolate and take a bite in the mouth even after they step out of the factory, they enjoy the taste, the flavor and systemic benefits of the chocolate as well, this is like enjoying the Messiahs finish work and processing his Holy spirit too thus being a witness for the Kingdom of Heaven, It’s a winners with a crown in truth of revelation.

Jehovah said to Abram I will despise those that despise you and your family. What was it about Abram and his family and kindred that Jehovah had to warn in this manner? Just as the Messiah who looked physically of African descent was despised in my opinion the religious ways has definitely despised Jehovah and propelled a movement that has held many bondage of control as oppose to freedom that Yahshua the messiah’s blood paid for. Praise Yahweh who is the mastermind behind creation, remember no lie will stand in this time. Get in Line with truth and wisdom or be left behind in intelligence of Jupiter solar systems all death. The grooms is coming and the bride is ready and choosing the white gowns for the banquet. This a good time to do self-check, this is the question; How has the descendants of Abram been treated all these years even today? They have been marginalized with continuous attempts of the wicked to destroy their identity consciousness, the heritage and mislead their inheritance into false peace like King Hezekiah, peace at the expense of his children’s children, through foreign invasions from physical violence to evil gods and western gods, Halloween and Ices black card gods, Yahshua continues to save the remnants, because Jehovah will not be mocked, Jehovah knows the false spirits. So his wind will blow were He wishes. The biggest abomination today is the fact that Tel Aviv Israeli are been hostile to the Jewish Israelites who are Africans to whom that land belonged in the first place. The Israeli is saying that it will no longer be a Jewish nation, if they allow African Jews and Israelites to settle in with them in the land, does this even sound like Jehovah is in it?

Like Shem these African Jew and Israelites had to live that land go back to the land of birth of Abram to eventually recover the Kingdom of Yahshua in righteousness and sincerity of heart to manifest the Kingdom of Heaven. They had to flee persecution from the numerous wars and Babylonian captivity that persecuted them as they practiced their faith and destroyed the temples and Daniel whose name was changed from African to Daniel was thrown in the Lion’s den, like a lot of believers entering lion’s dens today but are been saved even today just like Daniel by the spirit of Yahweh. Daniel’s name changed  just like a lot of African’s today who were given English names during captivity too as artifacts where stolen at the same time. There after the way of faith was high jacked into a religion that continuously change faces but same foundation of falsehood of non-righteousness because the Holy Spirit of Yahshua is far. This lie keeps people bound on earth and churches become a ground for thieves as opposed to the house of prayer that the Lord wanted his temple to be like. It is not like a hope that never delivers and only promises until people kick the bucket while with only promises to go to heaven And those living with heavy empty spirits representing fruits of falsehood living people desperate for miracles, and paradise for those that the lie serves.

Jehovah alone is wise, Halleluyah! Jehovah will not forsake the righteous who fear him in wisdom and action. Actions speaks louder than words. Yes speak but show me your works throughout history is the big question which all must answer because Yahweh will demand the answers. Why a people would be so tormented and targeted by thieves, targeted to destroy all about them, targeted to replace their righteousness cultures of righteous living as given by their God and fulfilled by the Messiah’s finished work in order to have the ability to keep right living if only they know the truth. So that truth, too was too valuable, because freedom comes from the truth and religious bondage from half-truth which is no truth. So the people of Yahweh who love their God were forcefully given the cross to carry their entire lives instead of just for a season. The Messiah is not still on the cross and for those that are still waiting, The Messiah is risen, the tomb stone (religion) has been rolled away and the resurrection power ought to be manifesting in the Kingdom in all fullness of the virtues of the Holy Spirit and following after Jehovah’s own heart in Yahshua. In so doing they enter the Kingdom of Heaven whereby, nothing can snatch them out of the hand of Yahweh. Had those that kept slaying all the prophets and even the Messiah known that these were the people of Jehovah, instead of ambushing their God, may be they would have chosen to terminate the whole race (God forbid) as opposed to capturing forcefully into forced labor and torturing mercilessly day in and day out. Jehovah hide them, because he knew the gas chamber was brewing in Germany too which Hitler used on the convert Jews. This behavior is so horrendous. The followers of evil even today are reading these books of evil to understand ways to continuously oppress the people of Yahweh, just in attempting to pull back prophesy of God’s Word. It is too late now. Get in righteousness or be captive.

But all the beast and the Ostriches will honor Yahweh their creator because thus says Jehovah, I will give the authority into his hand and he shall be a father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and the house of Judah and the key of the house of David I will lay on his shoulder, so that he opens and no one shuts and he shuts and no one opens, and I will drive him as a nail in a sure place and he shall be for a glorious throne to His father’s house and they shall hang on him all the glory of his father’s house the offspring and the off shoots all small vessels from vessels of cups even to vessels of jar (Selah). In that day, says Jehovah of host, the nail that is driven in the sure place shall be removed, and be cut down and fall. And the burden that was on it shall be cut off. Jehovah has spoken. This day is that day. Halleluyah, Glory the God Almighty. For great things He continues to do for His chosen people.

Now that we know who they are. This cannot be missed. They are of African descent Israelites Jews, Jerusalem, the house of Judah the root of Jesse; the body of Christ because the lost sheep have been found again by Yahshua (Yeshua) himself, Halleluyah! Pulled out of Hells gates! Praise Yahweh! Make sure you do not miss your blessings, those that have them, know that they themselves have found for themselves through grace, continue to work out your salvation with fear and trembling, don’t sleep in religion of Baal by taking and taking and taking from as though preying on the ignorance of the poor in spirit. Have you blessed these or have you continuously devised ways to despise them? The good news as preached by the Lord of lords and the King of kings, the Lion of Judah our Messiah.

Jehovah Himself will answer as it is written. As one blesses them these of African Israelites and Jews Origin then Jehovah will bless you too. Jehovah will not bless a lie or in coveting. Praise Yahweh who has and continues to bless the people of Yahweh, the lost sheep. He left his throne to come down to restore back to the Kingdom of Yahweh to His chosen people. Yahweh knows the hearts and He gives joy in otherwise hard places. Where do you stand? Are busy using the Lord’s name in propaganda of creating a paradise for you on earth by not blessing and despising the real descendants of Abram and blessing the lie and coveting instead because in this day even today truth has been turned into a lie, and a big lie into truth. Jehovah will pull off all the mask one by one. Today due to organized religion the very people that are of Abram’s line have been continuously despised as from when the temples were destroyed until now. Even as the prophets, the disciples even our Lord Yahshua was murdered because His teachings were resented then and the things of Yahweh were despised, they refuse to read the book of Deuteronomy, refusing to heed the divine Laws even as the people continue to indulge in evil which has taken a different twist even today and turned to a psychological counselling forum for many as opposed to been a setting the captives free, that I call the gospel high jacked into a lie that cannot born again the spirit =religion man made regulations to attempt to meet God, but they meet Jupiter instead of embracing God who already came down to meet them by keeping his teachings and doing what he commands as He is God. This behavior, I declare this evil behaviors and systems bound now on earth as it is in heaven, and it is now so on earth from this time forth because Jehovah continues to be very faithful in preserving the Kingdom which is truth, Holy Spirit, Righteousness (grace and mercy) and justice = a born again in the spirit which comes with power to overcome. Beloved be of good courage, these things Jehovah (Yahweh) is judging now. The Kingdom of Jehovah stands forever in righteousness, truth and humility. The power source has been short circuited because the Queen of the South could not be corrupted into disobedience but stands for the Kingdom of God Almighty Jehovah with His glory and majesty because of truth, humility, and righteousness a Jehovah’s right hand teachings awesome things in truth. Abram was a righteous man who feared Jehovah.

Grand Pa Terah and all his sons and wives had left from Ur of the Chaldeans in Africa and traveled towards Canaan (Jordan area) and settled in Haran, and Abram went out as Jehovah had spoken to him, and Lot went with him. Abram was seventy five years old when he departed from Haran around Canaan. Jehovah had told him to leave and he would show him the place where Jehovah will show him. So Abram departed from Haran where Terah his African father had died and Abram took his wife Sarai and his brother’s son Lot and all their substance that they had gathered and the persons they had gained in Haran. Note that these persons where not slaves they were Abrams Kindred not really slaves, they were those that will serve Shem as Noah had decreed. The Hebrew people back then and even today these cultures did not keep slaves they had family members as house help that gladly served as they were part of the family. Not like the destructive slavery as we know today.

While in Canaan Abram went as far as Shechem to the Oak of Morah. And the Canaanites were then in the Land remember from Ham’s descendants. In these land Jehovah appeared to Abram again and said I will give these Land to your seed. And in the Land of Schechem Abram built an Alter to Jehovah. After that Abram moved from Schechem to the east of Bethel and stretched his tent with Bethel towards the sea and Ai towards the east , Ai was still part of the Land of Africa as it was towards the Mediterranean sea and Abram built an alter to Jehovah Abba. From there Abram travelled again towards the south into Africa. It was the custom to move from location to location to find pasture for the herds as the people of the continent did back then and even today. There was famine in the land of AI, Abram started to return to his home land into Africa and Abram knew exactly where he will find help, they were a peaceful people because the spirit of righteousness ruled them at that time. The African culture that a king in his kingdom was free to take for himself a wife as he pleased not in an incest way which becomes a witchcraft spirit but in a honorable way and no one has any say in the matter as it becomes a done deal. Abram knowing his heritage, Abram told his wife Sarai behold please, I know that you are beautiful woman to look upon and it will be when the kingdom people see you then they will say this is his wife then they will kill me and leave you alive. Please say that you are my sister. In that day as it is still today because when the African Kings had delight in any unmarried woman, they could take them as a wife and one couldn’t say otherwise. Abraham heritage was African, so during hardship he knew were to return, first to Jehovah and then to his kindred whom his father and family had left behind. He knew that he will get help from his kindred who were not in a famine then. Abram was a humble kind man at heart.

And it happened that when Abraham had come into that part king’s palace, they saw the woman and she was very beautiful and the princes saw her and took her to King Pharaoh and King Pharaoh treated Abram well for her sake. He had sheep, goats, camel, and men servants and women servants. Think about this for a moment, If Pharaoh was a wicked man he would have mistreated them, and steal from Abram instead or shunted them out because of his fear of them for whatever reason. However the opposite happened, these people were same people separated by purpose, so they knew their cultural ways. Pharaoh’s heart was not yet hardened by Jehovah for the purpose of The Kingdom of God. Had Pharaoh been a wicked man or had a wicked heart, he would have maltreated them and stolen all their livestock instead Pharaoh treated them with kindness as we will discuss. Note here that law of first mention is important here.

Abram and Sarai carried Jehovah’s purpose. Pharaoh had started to put an eye on Sarai because he taught that Sarai was Abram’s sister. Jehovah himself intervened with Pharaoh about the lie of Sarai been Abram’s sister. So Pharaoh repented and gave back Abram’s wife. Note here what Pharaoh did after Jehovah made him aware of the truth. The bible says and Pharaoh repented and gave back Sarah to Abram. Now this qualified Pharaoh in Jehovah’s eyed to be used later for His purpose. This gave some credibility about Pharaoh’s heart towards Jehovah. He feared Jehovah. So later on Jehovah would use Pharaoh again to demonstrate to the people how an orphan should be cared for and  the Principles of evil power and righteous God in redeeming his own Hebrew Africans from the hand of the evil Babylon power , by hardening his tender heart to show how hardened an evil adversary can be.

After Pharaoh repented they sent Abram and his wife away with all they had, and Lot was with them and Abram was rich in Cattle. Even till today it is the culture of the people to have lots of herds as they move from place to place for pasture so it was on the continent before the colonial invaders came in. The Bible says now Abram went up out of Egypt to Negeb, and his wife and Lot was with him and Abram was rich in livestock, gold, and silver and no body attempted to steal from him. These people were self-sufficient Jehovah gave them everything they needed all they needed they had, there were no homeless people amongst them, they relied on Jehovah’s economy and had respect for one another’s life and cared for one another. Thank Jehovah God Almighty. So Abram went from his journey from the south which is in Africa all the way to Bethel to a place where his tent had been laid before in the beginning in Bethel and Ai. And Lot was also with him and the land was too small for both of their families. There was strife between the herds men of Lot’s livestock and Abram’s where they were, the Canaanites and the Perizzites lived in the Land. We discussed the Canaanites in Series IV.

These people were peaceful, so Abram said Lot let there be no strife between me and you and between my herds men and your herds men, we are brothers. Do you hear the heart of this righteous Jehovah fearing African man? He saw his herd’s men as brothers even though they served him, they were brothers at the heart of the matter. They did not oppress one another; not like some who decided to take abuse of others to another level. A few African leaders need take lessons from this righteous man and stop selling your people for money. Stop selling yourselves for nothing. Your creator takes no delight in that. All lip service with hearts far from Jehovah.

A fruit of a society tells us about the spiritual foundation of that society. When the spirit of obedience to Jehovah’s ways is operating mankind will love themselves and others and it will show in their society as well. I can understand societies that have been totally lost in Satan’s arms engaging in these evils because they do not know, but the confusing thing is, those that call themselves a nation founded on Christian principles bearing fruits of the Satan serving societies. Why that picture? Who is lying here? A house built on sinking sand will not stand. This applies to families too, because it is rooted in the families first, then it manifest in the societies then the countries. Unless there is one through grace of Yahshua that Jehovah will use to break these generational curses from continuing into national level. If these curse reach national level it means that the religion has been in vain for all generations because they rejected the laws of Jehovah which has wages too. The wages of sin is death, a death thing cannot reproduce or multiply in life except doing evil continuously to the extent that the consciences is sealed and given over to its desire ending up in destruction. Jehovah will separated people to preserve a righteous people.

Abram said is it not all the land before you, please separate from me if you go to the left, then I will go to the right and vice versa. And Lot lifted his eyes and saw all the land of Jordan, that it was well watered that is before Jehovah destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah todays Jordan. Jehovah’s garden is the garden of Jehovah that is Africa as you come to Zoar. Then Lot chose all the circuit of Jordan for himself and Abram remained in Canaan and Lot lived in the cites as far as Sodom. And the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners, as Lot had left and went to Sodom and after their sin had topped the chart Jehovah had to cleanse Sodom and Gomorrah, that area is today Jordan.

After Lot left to Sodom, Jehovah said to Abram, now lift your eyes and look northwards and southwards that is towards Africa and northwards pass Canaan, for all the land that you see, I will give to you and your seed forever. And I will make your seed as the dust of the earth. And Abram’s seed covered the areas of the earth. Yes since Adam was made from the dust of the earth, Jehovah also said Abraham’s seed will be like the dust of the earth, so that if man can count the dust, so can he count Abram’s seed in redemption. Jehovah told Abram to rise up and walk through the land in its length and its breath, for I will give it to you.

Then Abram moved his tent and lived among oaks of Mamre, which is in Hebron and Abram built an alter there to Jehovah. Abram the African righteous man obeyed Jehovah. And because of his obedience to Jehovah, Abram became an African Hebrew man, because Jehovah had ordered him to live his family and kindred to go to a land were Jehovah would show him, because of this African man’s obedience Abram became a Hebrew man by faith in spirit of obedience to Yahweh but his looks did not change he was still African in physical looks. In this place the African Hebrew man Abram lived amongst the Amorites, but all Abram’s men also had the blessing of Jehovah on them because they were connected to Abram as the bible says they were born of Abram’s  household all were Abram’s household. The bible says Abram’s men were born out of his household and they were three hundred and eighteen. Abram’s DNA descendants are all over the world. Think about these. Even the Ismael’s descendants are in their rightful land and to enter life many of them are receiving Yahshua as Lord and Savior while the Pharisee and Sadducee rich Jewish converts descendants who were in Russia, Germany, some tried Africa but Jehovah refused so as to expose the truth in this day, they are still waiting for the messiah in the Land that Jehovah gave Abram and his descendants. So who are those that have been grafted in? Someone answer the question. Will Jehovah be mocked into a lie? You be the justice thinker! Selah. Let it be established that the author here loves all people, however hates the lies that cause confusion and captivity of God creation.

When Abram heard that his cousin Lot was captured by the wicked and sinful men. Abram had his household with him and he sent men to pursue as far as Dan and by night they struck them and chased them as far as Hobah which is as far as Damascus and they brought back all the goods and women and the people. These people were Lot had left had no fear for Jehovah in their hearts, they had many other gods. Those of Abram on the south continent who had their The APOCRYPHAL BOOKS which stressed truth and righteousness, and justice, the people feared Jehovah and so the people honored human life and feared Jehovah so sin did not abound there then as it entered enter in the 1800. The APOCRYPHA had different books and even the Wisdom of Solomon, the book of Esther, and the series of praise, famous men as Enoch, Noah, Abram, Deuteronomy, prophets Zerubbabel, Nehemiah, high priest Simon, even Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Joel, Job, Ezra, Daniel, Habakkuk etc. The whole Old Testament books in short the books which Yahshua came to fulfill it is the Apocryphal Books. In 1643 the Westminster unspiritual religious men decided that the Apocrypha not use, so they picked and choose then made the made of Hebrew as the read the stories from the Apocrypha and what they needed to serve their agenda and not Yahweh’s agenda. This is the same group with agenda of Hitler who tried so had to wipe out the convert Jews because he mistaken them for the Hebrew Africans Israelites as Yahweh’s only people. It was Yahweh’s way of hiding His people since Yahweh is all knowing, Omnipresence, Omniscience.

If they considered Yahweh’s agenda the least they could do was even the preserve the identity of the people of Yahweh, The African descendants, yes with skin like the earth meaning the ground as some sarcastically say dirt. All mankind made from dust with Yahweh’s breath in nostrils. The differences is the spirits that mankind carries. A lie is definitely not Yahweh’s spirit, it is a thief’s spirit, and it comes to steal, kill and destroy truth of Yahweh. He who continues to hold on to the lie and knows better, is to their own demise at this point. Too late now, the lie is exposed to the glory of the Kingdom of Yahweh and to cover the emptiness of the cross and the empty tomb, He is risen, Stop waiting for the Messiah, He came already and those who claimed to knew Yahweh did not even recognize Him.  It is a new day, But to you who fear my name the sun of righteousness  shall arises with healing in its wings for the sons of Yahweh the disciples of Yahshua the Messiah Kings and Priest unto Yahweh even today. The Lord is Alive and very very active. Mathew 5:8

Praise Jehovah for Abram’s obedience, Abram a righteous African Hebrew man whom through his obedience to the voice of God. Halleluyah! Through his seed, the Kingdom of Jehovah is established on earth, the body of Yahshua the lion of Judah, The King of kings and the Lord of lords, The Christ. Praise Jehovah. Abram’s obedience commanded Jehovah’s blessing which comes with life. Not like the adversary does, the adversary exchanges what was already given for life of fruitfulness or multiplication but end in eternal damage, so he exchanges with what is already from Jehovah called authentic blessings and exchanges lesser stuff for a higher valued things as life or destiny of a generation. The blessings of the body of Christ is even a greater more glory. As the body of Christ we are all seeds of Abram perfecting Abram’s faith into total promise of life and life abundant.Halelluyah with no sorrow, only with peace and joy that surpasses understanding, blessings, prosperity! Yahshua the Christ reigns forever and ever. Be blessed as a seed of Abram through the Lord our savior Yahshua as you bear fruit of life. Series to be continued…..


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