Christ our Lord who sanctifies us into holiness and right living and pursuit of the truth that truly liberated in to life. The work of the Holy Spirit. Jehovah is a protector, provider, and all good spirit none other can be compared to Jehovah the Creator. Jehovah set apart His own as a royal priesthood, holy unto His spirit. A people of His own making. Oh amazing grace sweet Holy Spirit your helper and comforter and truth reveler. Oh mercy, sweet mercy through the shed blood of  Yahshua the Lamb our Lord and Savior through whom our sins forgiven by a spiritual bath that cleaned as the Holy Spirit helps us mature in sanctification until the white underwear is tossed off and the living water springs out of the ground. Oh Precious Christ The Alpha and Omega in whom we are made through the sanctification process that ends in total spiritual maturity. Glory Halleluyah!

Obedience of the Laws of the Creator is crucial in entering this state of maturity, it cannot be skipped that is why grace came to enable you to reach this state of life in sanctification of soul. Grace does it through your action of obedience before it’s too late for the consequences. So whatever you do, obey the Laws of the Creator and live in righteousness, start with the Ten Commandments. Grace is Christ finished work that helps you obey the commandments and requirements and that is how you have grace in Jesus, it is by obeying the Divine laws and grace is the salvation gift, because Jesus has fulfilled the divine Laws at every spiritual level so you too can overcome this levels in obedience and enter life. Which means if you are in Christ and Christ in you, you are a new creature and even when the shuff comes to the push you will end up obeying the Divine laws of the Creator as a new creation in Christ. When Christ is not in a person and a person not in Christ it is hard to obey the Divine Laws of the Creator, instead they obey the ways of the fallen Lucifer evils. The spirit that brings death through un-holiness.

Jehovah spoke to the Moses saying, and you shall speak to children of Israel, saying you shall surely keep my Sabbaths, for it is a sign between Me and you for your generations to know that I am Jehovah your sanctifier. And you shall keep the Sabbath, for it is holy for you and the profaners of  Divine laws shall be put to death, But there is a way out, but for grace  for everyone doing work in it that soul shall be saved in sanctification like the example in the bible when Yahshua healed a daughter of Abram on the Sabbath, works to bring deliverance to life on Sabbath is all good.

For the sons of Israel shall observe the Sabbath, to do the Sabbath for their generations. It is a never- ending Covenants. It is a sign forever between me and the sons of Israel. Do you hear that? It is a special covenant between Jehovah and the sons of Israel forever. Where did it go wrong? The Lord will help us in obedience!

Note that our Father, the Creator of the Universe Yahweh, whose breath is in your nostrils, who is also known as YHWH- MEKADDISHKEM has set you apart, made you Holy and redeemed  you by the blood of the sacrificial Lamb Yahshua in whom we are sanctified to keep the commandments of the Holy Yahweh. The commandments are for keeps and not done away with, David hid them in his heart that he might not sin against Yahweh.

Yahshua son from David’s line came to atonement and get back the position of Yahweh’s Creation so Yahweh’s Creation will believe and obey Divine laws and enter life. The only way that Lucifer will not be active in any way shape or form in a Kingdom Child’s live. it may try but will not succeed because it has to go through the blood of Yahshua first and that is where it ends because of the resurrection of the Christ in Spirit your soul is locked in Christ as you believe with a pure heart, you will for sure see Him as he was three thousand years ago, Just like the few who saw and knew about His resurrection and saw him in the Spirit form and some did not recognize Him. It is the same with his second coming, all eyes will see the day of the Lord that is the way to enter The kingdom of Yahweh ,Almighty God, a Holy God, our Creator.

It is no different today, those that are yet to have this revelation will surely do, in the end as He really is either to enter life or to enter judgement especially if judgement was not experienced to sanctification one here on earth to enter life during the lifetime here on earth and either way, all will see Christ as he is. It is nothing like the pictures that we have been shown all these decades. That is why the scriptures says in the last days the old will dream dreams and the young will see visions. It is for this one purpose because it is an essential, that is why Yahshua had to appear again to is disciples after resurrection And only the pure in heart will have this blessing to see the Lord in life. Mathew 5:8. It is a fair game for all. Only believe and work it in obedience and a pure heart towards all people. Today it is the same these Divine Laws are crucial for our lives. We are to continue to live our lives holy and pleasing to Yah for this pleases Yah.1 Peter 1:13-25.As you draw near to Yah through grace of obedience, Yah will draw near to you and any contrary soul of influence must give way to righteousness as you press in with a pure heart, this is pleasing to the Father Yahweh.

We are instructed to therefore do this, girding the loins of our minds, been sober, perfectly hoping on the grace being brought to you at the revelation of Yahshua, yes there is a revelation graced to an individual who has worked it out in obedience and as obedient children and not in ignorance fashioning oneself to former lust but according to the Holy One who has called you, you also become holy in all conduct because it has been written “Be holy because I am Holy” Praise JEHOVAH, His judgements will be without respect to persons because Jehovah looks at the Heart of man and not the physical. Oh LORD your mercy reigns forever! Sweet Mercy! All things work together to a just end. Halleluyah for spiritual birthing without midwives wisdom serves, Sovereign grace ever present help. Halleluyah! Oh grace! Wonderful grace! God of wonders!

Praise Jehovah, we are made for His Glory, and as the Divine law giver, Judah is the  Divine Law giver. Judah! Are you giving the  Divine LAW by your lifestyle? Bring praise to the FATHER Jehovah. Halleluyah! Glory to The King of kings and Lord of lords. The Loin of Judah be glorified! Halleluyah! Praise God Almighty Creator of the Universe! Halleluyah, All Glory, all Honor, all Riches, all Power, all Praise be unto our Abba Yahweh! Shalom Beloved. Praise His Holy name Yah! Yahweh! Halleluyah! Holy!


P.S: An Invitation to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh (The Creator):

If you are reading this and you are not sure about the status with your Creator, You can visit the salvation prayer and pray it to invite the spirit of the messiah our sacrificial lamb Yahshua (The Christ gives you life everlasting) The Kingdom of God is here.

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