Halleluyah! Jehovah Tsidkenu! Praise the Holy name of Yahweh. Our very self, Our-Father! Halleluyah! Jehovah Tsidkenu is The Lord of our righteousness. Yahweh Christ works His righteousness in us. Glory Halleluyah to Yahweh Christ the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega who finishes our sanctification process at the beginning as He sees fit and then His spirit in us now gives us victory in every way or situation as we conquer in working out our sanctification through grace from strength to strength and from glory to glory to the glory of Yahweh.

Each contesting paradigm that is against His righteousness becomes his footstool .The Holy Spirit assist, helps, teaches, protects, directs, provides, and strengthens all and much more through obedience and the decision to do right as one believes Yahshua, the true vine from from where? The son of David. The Messiah who came from Nazareth. Can anything good come from Nazareth?  Yes The Messiah did? Can anything good come from Africa? Yes the Messiah did and has come again through Her. Halleluyah! The Messiah is Here Halleluyah! Glory to Yahweh!

Thus says Yahweh “Be ye Holy as I am Holy”. What fragrance are you exuding in the spiritual realm? Will Yahweh receive it as a sweet fragrance aroma in his nostrils? The Last call to righteousness – Now is and today is the day of salvation, the day of righteousness, If you hear his voice harden not your hearts , This Story is so serious, you cannot afford to miss it this time. The day you must do right by you and by others, Do not be the biggest fool on the planet with the biggest of everything and no peace or uprightness that is pleasing to Yahweh. If you choose to seal your heart and lips in the face of injustice that directly or indirectly benefits you, then you have consented to unrighteousness too. Jehovah Tsidkenu is far from unrighteousness. Jehovah Tsidkenu cannot be unequally yoked with unrighteousness. If today, you hear His voice harden not your hearts. The time is now and it is critical. Start to build your pillar of righteousness.

Our righteousness is in Yahweh Christ our Savoir The Messiah, who is our High Priest interceding for us, when the comfortable accuser of brethren continues to accuse Zion, The minute Zion enters the room the accuser who at ones  time  sat on the comfortable sit in the room where he complained to Him who was standing up and in charge; But as the Queen entered the room he who was sitting on the coach  had to stand up and then to leave the room immediately as the queen approached the man standing and they talked and  she worshiped at his feet . The children are spared – selah. Halleluyah!

The Christ the high priest face shows up as His was on the face of the earth. Halleluyah! The Christ face shows up in the heavenly places, His peace impacts the whole universe. His righteousness is impacted in your life and every situation that attempts to Challenge Christ Spirit in you ,Yahweh will contend with the situation because of  Yahweh’s name sake. Halleluyah! Let Zion arise! Her set time of favor is here.

Our righteousness is a direct result of our faith and obedience to Yahshua our Lord and Savior, the son of David, our sacrificial lamb who took away our sins and resurrected from death and is Alive and reveals Himself to whom HE pleases as only He knows the heart of man and that  pleases Yahweh. It is a now thing not something you postponed into the future. With Christ it is now. Yahweh did not postponed anyone’s salvation when He walked the face of the earth. And that principle has not changed. Yahweh went to prepare a place that where He is, there you may also be. That is where He is the Holy Spirit , His spirit in us immediately brings us where Yahweh is , That is how he is able to download into you His truth and revelation, because where He is ,through the Holy Spirit you are there with Him. That is, as you are alive and living ,you are doing so at Yahweh’s consciousness and the minutes you sleep you are immediate present with Him. Once you are born again your spirit receives life and you cannot die , you can only sleep. It is not a separate event that going to happen. That is Yahweh’s righteousness is imparted immediately and you live it out too as you continue to conquer dead paradigm’s to finally enter peace, Yahweh’s realm. When you have peace you will give peace too.

The thief on the cross got immediate access to paradise, even as he was still on the cross. Yahweh did not tell him to wait until He goes and prepares a mansion for him to take him there after he dies. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place. It is a state of consciousness that is also a reality and that same reality of spirit is the same one that matches the spiritual realm reality. That is the marriage state. You and Yahweh are one. And you conceive in the spirit things of Yahweh and you birth them in the Physical.  You have taken on His consciousness and you will do what he does, and even bigger things.

It is the same for that thief on the cross, that same moment, that forgiven thief was brought into the heavenly mansion of the Kingdom of Heaven- mansion of life, mansion of peace, mansion of health, mansion of love, mansion of power, mansion of  righteousness, mansion of authority, mansion of riches, mansion of  prosperity, mansion of  protection, mansion of provision, mansion of goodness and mercy, mansion of favor, mansion of grace, mansion of joy, mansion of laughter and mansion of compassion and caring,  while still here on earth and when one sleeps they are immediately present in these consciousness.

The cross was very temporary and though reality but not his truth after the encounter with Yahweh. The truth is what will last forever, that day he was with Yahweh in Paradise. All because of the presence of Yahweh and his believe and taking action to ask for forgiveness.  Remember at the cross Yahshua has already forgiven you because He is your righteousness, His Holy Spirit is your righteousness now. The precious cleansing Blood of Yahshua has spoken on your behalf each time you go down you become perfected in Christ as He is. Your pardon was already granted by Yahshua the moment you seek His Holy name, you knew His name in spirit and in truth through believing obedience, but where there is disobedience at any level there is also unbelieve or faithlessness at some level too, If more convenience than obedience then the evil one rides on that back where there is disobedience, which manifested through the thief that was insulting our Savior while next to Him, the  thieve was challenging His own creator and the crowd was cheering him on. He was so close to grace yet, his arrogance due to pride caused him to miss the moment of great opportunity to be transformed into righteousness and life. The thief refused to hug grace and lost his life to the crowd who was cheering for Him and received spiritual death, just because he did not descend His own Creator presence. Just because he was blind to truth and therefore blind to the Creator himself.

Only Yahshua Holy Spirit can transform a situation from death to life by impacting life into a situation or into a person. Beloved its same for you today only Yahshua The King of kings, the Lord of lord from the line of David impacts righteousness on you, Yahshua’s spirit in your life will always carry your cross as long as you follow Him only by getting his truth in your spirit; He asked any believer to take up his cross and follow Him and the lamb of Yahweh will have mercy on you ,the blood of the lamb speaks righteousness to you. The cross  of unrighteousness cannot overcome you because it did not overcome Yahshua your redeemer. No cross situation in your life can overcome you because the righteous blood of the innocent Savoir continuously speaks on your behalf.

The tomb stone darkness flourishes in unrighteousness  –religious ignorance situation cannot overcome you because the Holy Spirit who raised Yahshua from the tomb and rolled that stone away is also in your life doing the same for you because you are born again into the spirit of Christ Yahshua. Any stony tomb situation is rolled away by the Holy Spirit, who impacts righteousness to you so you can live righteously in action not only by speech. Know this today that In Yahshua from the line of David, you are covered, the cross situations cannot overcome you, as a matter of fact, the nails used to inflict pain on the creator and  that bound the Creator on the cross had no power to keep him there. And today Yahshua is risen defying the tomb stone of unrighteousness; by body and spirit and has been revealed today .The revealing will not be a secret, you will know that you know that you know you will put His ways in practice. That is you passing from death to life. It is no longer a mystery Yahweh revealed is your peace, your righteousness now and through eternity.

You will arise from faith to faith, from glory to glory, from strength to strength   through righteousness and uprightness in the things of Yahweh. Yahweh can never fail you, His is faithful and true. Praise Yahweh ,that the days are here the days of love, peace, righteousness, justice, judgement  are here, by the spirit of Yahweh it is be done. True Israel has been saved when in the land as it was promised by Yahweh. When Judah is free, Israel will be free when Judah is completely free. Halleluyah, Judah must be free. Halleluyah! Glory to Yahweh! Praise the Holy name of Yahweh! Halleluyah! Praise Yahweh, Bless Yahweh!

The Israelites will say as the day comes, we shall no longer say, as Jehovah lives who brought the sons of Israelites up out of the land of Egypt, but as Jehovah lives who brought up and led the seed of the house of Israel out of the north and from all the lands where I have driven them there. And they shall dwell on their own land. The land still yet is waiting for the return of sons of Israel’s from where they were driven to. Otherwise the land will not rest until the sons of Israel return from where the Lord drove them to and they will say as the day comes the Father Yahweh, Jehovah Tsidkenu, The Holy Lord has removed the adulterers so that the land will stop mourning because of the curse of the pillar of adultery that was raised for generation. The evil of both prophet and priest are ungodly in His house, So Yahweh says their way shall be to them a slippery places, they shall be driven out and fall by it for the just Yahweh will bring evil on them even the year of their visitation says Yahweh. In this day Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will live and dwell in safety and this is the name that will be called of Her Jehovah our righteousness. Halleluyah Yahweh is so faithful   in giving His children a new heart and has put a new spirit in us.

The Holy Spirit of Christ, the King of kings and The Lord of lords, The Alpha and the Omega, The spirit of life and life abundant that is in you. The stony hearts replaced with new life of the spirit of truth and life. The stony hearts are partners with evil, they have no reverence for Yahweh because they have made themselves lords in deceit like their father Satan, as they want what belongs to Yahweh’s children. The truth is now known. Where will evil hide? Can it hide before Yahweh? Selah!

Equally now the Pilar of righteousness has been raised. It is a cleansing shower, be thou Holy for Yahweh is Holy. Yahweh comes for a righteousness and glorious bride to marry His bride into the Kingdom of Heaven. Right here on earth.  No more curses the Blood of Yahshua has sanctified His temple Zion this day. Yahweh’s spirit is with you and that makes you eager to walk in Yahweh’s shadow and keep His righteousness in  justice and to do His justice so will the Israelites dwell in the land ,Yahweh gave to our fore fathers, And Zion bless Yahweh for the temple will no longer remain in ruins while you live in your paneled houses. The Holy Spirit loves a righteous temple, that is your body or in short your spirit.

Israelites hear the word of Yahweh and continue to self-correct as you embrace mercy and grace, for Yahweh is faithful and a generational Father for He made him who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might become  His righteousness in Yahweh in Him. His grace will empower you to be upright to be His Bride unless you want to be the fake bride who is not fruitful nor can multiply nor receive a garment of righteousness, nor the wedding feast gown. Merging Holy consciousness Yahweh our Father is upright and is righteous and nothing short.

Halleluyah! The bride will have Jehovah’s righteousness DNA. The foolish bride that seems to have a lamb in hand yet lacks oil for the light that is so comfortable in religion. Oil is a product of crushing the right seeds that can produce oil. The wrong seed will never produce oil. The lamb represents the believer and the oil is the Holy Spirit indwelling in the believer, who becomes a light in the darkness in speech and action etc. Yahweh’s grace is sufficient, It is done! Yahshua our righteousness did it all. His spirit reigns in you and me and is the game changer. Yahweh our righteousness. Yahweh is faithful and true. Yahshua conquered the cross of shame and humiliation of darkness, so that we will not be stock with this cross of darkness and shame of perversion. But to move into righteousness and love in truth to enter life.

Yahshua is our King, we are under His government, this government Yahshua brought on his shoulder is righteous and manifested as the fruit of the Holy Spirit, He cured and perfected all who came in His presence so we all can rest in His presence as He protects us in all shalom as we strive and push into Yahweh’s righteousness. Yahweh our righteousness Halleluyah! Praise the Holy name of Yahweh in whom there is no match .The name above all names, our righteousness .Glory to Yahweh. Bless Yahweh forever more. Halleluyah! Yahweh our righteousness. Bless Jehovah Tsidkenu. Halleluyah Yahweh our righteousness! Halleluyah. Our savoir, our righteousness, our rest! Halleluyah! Today start by raising up the pillar of truth, love and righteousness in your life and your world. This is special to Yahweh. You are the knowledge of Yahweh.


P.S: An Invitation to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh (The Creator):

If you are reading this and you are not sure about the status with your Creator, You can visit the salvation prayer and pray it to invite the spirit of the messiah our sacrificial lamb Yahshua (The Christ gives you life everlasting) The Kingdom of Yahweh is here. The good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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