Pursue Peace always and be blessed


Beloved, during this time, may the peace of the LORD that surpasses all understanding guard your precious heart, always rejoice in the LORD of your salvation. Remember that the Lord redeemed your precious soul and restored your spirit back to Him. This is evident in your gentle ways towards those around your path.

When you deliberately focus your precious mind on truth, on things that are right, things that are pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, whatever is excellent. It is always beneficial to keep your mind on things that are excellent and praiseworthy.

When you practice the art of taking care of your mind, you will notice that your worries will diminish. If you make a habit of reading positive materials, what you hear is good, and most importantly what you believe in. Believe in Christ. The one true Holy Messiah.

Staying calm is a state of mind that is physiologically beneficial. The opposite of calmness is anxiety, this is a worrisome state of mind, it is caused by a perturbing mindset that also may distress those around them. Worrying will never change anything in your circumstances except in affecting your health and relationships.

So, the healthy thing for you to do is not to worry. The things you worry about probably will not affect you in the way your mind is visualizing the scenarios in your life. And by worrying, you cannot add life to your years.

The quickest way to have peace is to follow the royal law rule. How would you like to be treated? in the same manner extend that to one another. This only applies if you love yourselves. If you happen to hate yourself do not share that just get help. As a son of the LORD, this should not be your lot I pray. The more you give love and goodness to self and others who can receive the more peaceful you will be.

You are called blessed and a child of Father Yahweh- Jehovah when you strive as a peace maker you ripe a gift of righteousness. In your gift of righteousness you may face persecution but remember that El-Roi  sees all things  about you and rewards you with His precious presence- The Kingdom of Father Yahweh-Jehovah ,that is the Kingdom of Heaven. Yours is peace that surpasses all understanding because this peace is of Christ Himself.

We are urged to be in prayers of intercession and giving thanks for all people and those in authority that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness, this is pleasing to our Creator who wants all people saved and to come to the knowledge of truth.

There is only Yahshua The Messiah, The one and only Mediator The first and the Last – The Christ between Nero’s consciousness(death) and the Kingdom of life (Heaven). Besides Him- The Christ there is no other. Let Peace reign in truth! The truth will always set a captive free.

A set of the Euphrates angels that had being restraint for ages have now been released. The rules of engagement have changed. No more carnality.

I pray the peace of Christ over you beloved. Christ alone is able and enough to keep you in great peace and safety always.

Glory Halleluyah Christ is Glorified forever and ever. It is done!


Phil 4:7- 8, James 2:8, Mathew 5:9, James 3:18 ,1 Timothy 2:2, Joel, Mathew 6:33


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