Blessed is the man whom the LORD disciplines and teaches from his word . He finds relief from the days of trouble! A pit is for the adversary! For the LORD will not leave his people because He will never forsake his inheritance! You are covered by the Lord’s grace and mercy always Child of The LORD Almighty.
That is just how good The LORD is!!! He is so faithful and true! You are the inheritance of the LORD, so the Lord is guiding you because of his faithfulness towards his inheritance! He can never fail you.
The LORD was faithful to Abraham and to Sarah even in old age they bore Isaac! The LORD was also faithful to Hannah in her barrenness, she bore not one but several children as she prayed to the Lord her Father.
Even the marvelous faithfulness of The Father Almighty to The Messiah Yahshua when he penetrated the depths of the darkness while on the cross, He was resurrected on the third day . The body that seemly was destroyed on the cross and layed in the tomb was resurrected on the third day.
And His bodily temple was back as it was originally and even more . It is the same way that the grace and mercy of The Lord is very much alive in the circumstances of those who trust in him and are in obedience to His will- His Commandments!
His grace and mercy is in all your circumstances. Remember that The Lord will always impact His precious knowledge to you his righteousness ones and fill your heart with his joy! joy is your sign of your resurrected circumstances. Joy is for your upright heart! His salvation in your life will reveal his righteousness to the nations! All your circumstances are before His eyes.
What The LORD did for Abraham, Hannah and most importantly the resurrection of our Christ continuously brings your circumstances into life until the great day of total passage from death to life!  When you are in Christ  you have passed  from death to live –Which is now!
The depth of grace and mercy is already available to you! Glory Halleluyah give The Lord all praise and honor for your life this day beloved and know that all things are working together for your good and His purpose for your life.
So what ever you might be facing in your life , once Christ is in that circumstances, it becomes totally a resurrection matter. Put your total trust in the Lords and see His salvation in all your circumstances as He saves you from all your challenges because the LORD ‘s angels will encamp around those who fear Him. ONLY Believe is the real work!
The eyes of the LORD are on the righteousness and not only that , his ears are very attentive to your prayers as you cry out to Him.
This type of prayers is from the depths of a totally repentant heart.
Although it may seem like so much challenges are around, but for you The LORD delivers you from them all and protects you that not even one bone of yours will be broken! Here is the redeeming grace of The LORD for you just like it was for Isaac was redeemed! You are now the redeemed of the Lord. Rejoice and be glad.
As you take your refuge in the LORD you are not condemned ever! I pray that you will continue to taste and see that The LORD is so good , his goodness and mercy endures forever!!!
Let your heart continue say The LORD is magnified as you rejoice in your blessings always!!!
Be watchful and pray always with thanksgiving putting your petitions to The LORD Who alone is faithful and true for you and abounding in all blessings towards you with no worries.
You are the righteousness of The Father in Christ!!! You have entered your sabbath rest with great rejoicing and peace!!! The Kingdom of Heaven is yours forever right here on earth!
Glory Halleluyah, All Praises May your heat always sing with joy!!
Christ is glorified forever and forever! It is done!! Glory Halleluyah! Justified to eternity
We are living stones for the Kingdom of Heaven!
Psalm 34:17 Philippians 4:6-7 Luke 12:32

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