Meditate on Proverbs 8:18 -20

“Riches and honor are with Me; enduring wealth and righteousness, My fruit is better than gold, yea than fine gold and My increase is better than the best silver. I walk in the path of righteousness, in the midst of the path of justice.” Proverbs 8:18-20

Beloved happy day of righteousness, be reminded about this spiritual realities for your life and circumstances, as  a believer The Lord  is the word to stand on, The Lord your righteousness to live in His righteous ways, The Lord’s ability  is your ability to walk in His righteousness, that is why the scriptures say it not by power nor is it by might but all by  My spirit says the Lord, as Yahshua blood washed and covered and atoned for your life The Holy Spirit demands you blessed.

Lift up a praise for the Lord and sing, all the words in your mouth are righteousness. because nothing twisted or perversed is in you due to the Holy Spirit ,you are plain to the understanding ones even right to those that find knowledge. The instructions of the Lord Yahshua our messiah the sacrificial Lamb in The Christ is better than silver; and the knowledge of the mysteries of the word are better than choice gold because the Lord says so. So seek first the kingdom of Yahweh and his righteousness and all other things will be added to you!

Oh precious soul rejoice and be glad for the King of kings and the Lord of lords loves you beyond any doubt and wants you to prosper as your soul prospers. Remember that your peace is King Yahshua’s top priority because Yahshua is The Prince of Peace; your prosperity is in King Yahshua your Lord, by the Holy Spirit of Yahshua you stand in the top of high places by the roadside by the paths as you call out the simple ones just like the wise do.

The Lord’s wind blows where it wishes, know that if you ever thought counted out by men the same will be present to celebrate you. No squatter or scoffer will be able to stop you, just because man who tries to alter the blessing of Yahweh on your life will suffer consequences to their demise. What Jehovah has blessed stands and cannot be moved, just because Jehovah stands and cannot be moved and so it is what concern you. As the Lord has planted you; you cannot be uprooted.

Continue to commit your thoughts in righteousness you are the branch of the Vine as your way is established on Yahshua who is the foundation of your faith, you stand in the Holy Spirit who teaches you all truth to spear you from grieve in moments of revealing. Your high priest is sited at His throne and is your high priest, He neither sleeps nor slumbers. The name of The Lord is a strong tower, note that Wisdom says the name of the Lord is a strong Tower which the righteous run to and are save. In The name of the Lord Yahweh our Jehovah is the resurrection power of The Christ which keeps life in its most beautiful original form. He orders his angels to keep you as you proclaim The Kingdom of God! Praise Jehovah our Father who reigns forever and ever more. Shalom!

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P.S: If you are reading this and you are not abiding in Christ by His Holy Spirit, and would love to know the Yahshua as your Lord and savior. Remember Yahshua loves you. Please start here by going to the website above and pray the salvation pray. It is all about a one on one relationship with the Lord where there is sole unity. Contact us for resources and for prayers.

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