Beloved as you are in Christ, know that- The Christ Spirit is revealed to you all being made possible by Jehovah Sabaoth, Who is The Lord of armies and the Lord of Host; Who continues to host you as His own so you can overcome the strong holds of culture, religion, and so on. It is like this , Jehovah Sabaoth, is the Lord of Armies who rolls the Huge stone of religion that is meant for the death to be in darkness , Jehovah Sabaoth rolls that tomb stone of religion away. So you are pass from darkness to light and from death to life stepping up  from the tomb to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh where there is peace and all the blessings of Yahweh.

Jehovah Sabaoth fights the battles of this huge tombstones for you as you continue to renew your mind all pulling down strongholds and subjecting it to the authority of the word of Yahweh, The Living word that works for you. The Christ is the word! Remember that the Kingdom of Yahweh is by the Holy Spirit, power divine authority so, It is not by man’s power nor by  man’s might but by the Spirit of Jehovah Sabaoth, Halleluyah!  An awesome Host Father nothing can ever compare to Jehovah Sabaoth. Not by man’s power because even man has power over His own soul. The wise man has divine power that also guards His soul into life for eternity. While man’s power magnets his soul to death and darkness for eternity. It is a win win scenario. Yahweh is wisdom.

A fully presence good ,good, good  Father who means all goodness and mercy for you and nothing else, He knows the plans for you, they are plans of good and not evil and to prosper you in every area of life and all things pertaining to life eternal. He  will  always see to it that your confession and your testimony honors His Holy name. Remember the Holy Spirit is His Spirit who makes intercessions for you when it becomes so unbearable in your groaning  that is Jehovah Sabaoth spirit as The Lord of Host who steps in and can remedy any situation, the arm of man is useless as man cannot even help her oneself. Know today that your help is completely from Jehovah Sabaoth and know that any useful arm of flesh is an arm connected to The Lord of Host to preserve His body. Otherwise the motto of just observe and  not assisting anyone is the devils way, It cannot relate to preserving life.

Use what Yahweh has made available to you with no slumbering in anything or laziness do with what you have.  The ravens fed Elijah, the widow feed Elijah all because The Lord of Host, Jehovah’s Sabaoth commanded it so. And the widow also loved Jehovah even more than herself, she could see in the spirit and responded, and Yahweh was pleased because   His hungry prophet was provided for in return the oil supply was in abundance even after the prophet went his way. The love of The Lord of Host in the widow became her supply because Jehovah knew her heart and Elijah’s obedience was honored. Halleluyah! The Lord of Host knows everything. Worship His Holiness, Halleluyah! Glory to Yahweh who is Father to the fatherless, and defender of the motherless.

Beloved allow your precious soul to be filled with gratitude for what The Lord of Host has done for you; A father who essence is faithfulness in preserving His own and Who cannot fail. Halleluyah! Glory to Yahweh! Christ our redeemer from the cross of death , from the tomb and by the Holy Spirit to resurrection to life in the Kingdom of Heaven. Where The Spirit has prepared a place so you can be there too with Christ as you resurrect from the tomb stones. Halleluyah! Jehovah Sabaoth did it all just for you. Note that The Kingdom of Yahweh is one thing and the Religion of Christianity is also another. You will find sons of the Kingdom in Christianity, and also in other religions because the Holy wind blows where it so choses. In fact being in the Kingdom is your whole self that is the temple of the Holy spirit and when you carry your body to a building of religion you bring the Holy spirit wit you to the building. So you are really the temple and not a building. The building becomes relevant only because you show up.  Glory! Halleluyah!

The precious strength of the corner stone! The one who hides himself from all evil! This even today that G-god of religion has no throne, He that is man is in the air space with two beast under it and so many birds running to it only to be devoured by wild beast, but All the way above with Christ in heavenly places are the sons of the Kingdom of Heaven who have defied all odds because of the strength of Jehovah Sabaoth. The souls  of man was created  just a little lower than the angels but man fell when sin was introduced and made the cross its weapon, because he taught Yahshua did not resurrect, So he made the first the crucifix as its symbol and the with time modified to the cross ; but a soul that grows on the Rock of ages continues to rise from strength to strength in Christ, from glory to glory in Christ until it sits in heavenly places with Christ as Christ reveals him self to them personally and as the soul is redeemed by Jehovah Sabaoth back into life and far from the curses of Egypt( It is a principality in spiritual realm causing stubbornness in man living man in a state of illusion  and claiming to be as powerful as Yahweh  and foolishly  exalts himself instead of Yahweh, the Christ.

In short  disobedience and darkness crowns and reigns with him who is foolish as darkness). The symbol of the Kingdom of  Yahweh is the Fish, full of life and is not stagnant strives in the salty waters and is preserved. more on the symbol later to be discussed.

The Heavenly Host will also serve to achieve Yahweh’s purpose, even when the host of the earthly people fail for one reason or another, know this day that the will of Yahweh stands, no fallen principality or beast can manipulate it or alter it. Truth will speak loud and falsehood will disappear, and Yahweh’s will is unveiled as Yahweh’s work goes forth to completion because it was already finished even at the foundations of the earth as Yahweh laid the foundations even before Yahweh started a work in you ,it was already finished. Faith, believe, mercy and grace bring it to life for you.

Yahshua said it is finished even on the humiliation cross, so they taught in their human minds of wickedness that they got him fully and because their hearts were in evil ,an evil principality manifested for them their weapon of warfare the cross. Little did they know the in part two which is the tomb and the rolled stone .The spirit had the total authority and will not have to ask man’s opinion if to resurrect or not. This is the moment the captivity became  captive.

Know today that it is by the Blood of Yahshua and the confession of His truths that one immediately overcomes. They were on the tree, In the middle Yahweh Himself with all authority  and on each side were thieves  on the tree to be nailed  with Yahweh. All have sinned and come short of the glory of Yahweh. One thief was quick to know who Yahshua was, and at that moment he turned to Yahshua and asked for forgiveness and Yashua the savior immediately granted him access to be in paradise with Yahweh. He did not have to wait to go there one day. And on the other hand the Barabbas thief was still blind in his arrogance just like the majority of the crowd that preferred thief Barabbas instead of the Kingdom of Yahweh. And the thief Barabbas was given to the arrogant crowd. It is no different today in matters of life . The Kingdoms sons loves truth and love to love  tirelessly to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh as is granted to them. While the other  thieve refuses to acknowledge truth while doing just the opposite of what the Kingdom stands for because they are the Barabbas spirits. Even Barabbas could not contend with Yahweh.

When Yahweh resurrected from the stoned covered tomb, only a few had to privileged to see Him until he ascended into Heaven, as a few watched as grace was given to them to see and know the truth. The majority were with Barabbas the thief and died without any truth of the revelation of the Kingdom of Yahweh whose Holy spirit is the primary teacher of all truth about the Kingdom of Yahweh .The Barabbas spirit is far from the Kingdom of Yahweh. Barabbas insults through actions and speech ,where it goes its goal is to steal and destroy .Yahweh is a Creator who knows how to hide Himself because His glory will not be shared by a Barabbas  the thief spirit. All revelation of the Kingdom is by Grace.

John had a revelation. He heard the Christ in the Spirit say, It is done! John said He showed me a pure river of water of life ,bright as crystal coming from the throne of Yahweh and the Lamb. In the midst of its street and of the river from here and from there was a tree of life producing twelve fruits according to one month each yielding its fruit, and the leaves of the tree were for healing of the nations. And every curse will no longer be; and the throne of Yahweh and the Lamb will be in it and His sons will serve Him and they will see His face and His name will be on their foreheads. And darkness will not be there, and they will have no need for the lamp or light of the sun. These revelation is even so now as we are in the Kingdom of Yahweh. This means you will not have to know by using the day light as you read, but its He who is  the  Light of the World, The Christ that is your light as you navigate the earth accomplishing purpose and destiny all truth is thought by the Holy Spirit. So your revelations will not only be just by studing by reading but it’s the Spirit of the light of Christ that will uncover the deepest truth and its meaning to you, because Christ who is the Light of the world is shedding light for you and giving you revelations to navigate and reveal truths that even those with sunlight still cannot know, but you will know revelations and truths that will lead you out of darkness and you will reign forever with Christ in this Heavenly realm of revelation. Halleluyah! Please note that these is when people are still alive and it continues into the spiritual realm when they change physical form sleeping because they are alive with Christ. Praise Jehovah Sabaoth whose host of angel are armies in the spiritual realm contending on behave of His sons giving  victory from darkness of falsehood, from all darkness, so you can always be in the marvelous light of Christ. Glory! Halleluyah!

And John said “and I saw a new heaven and a new earth for the first heaven and the first earth passed away and the sea no longer is’ Yes the sea of problems or sicknesses will no longer be. Halleluyah! And Christ said, It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the one who is thirsty, I will freely give of the fountain of water of life. The one overcoming will inherit all things and The Father is to Him and He will be the son to Yahweh. Halleluyah! This is the born again experience for the son’s of Yahweh.  It all starts with Christ whose Spirit empowers you through the process to overcoming into life. And the revealing of Christ to the inheritances into son ship of Yahweh. Only Jehovah Sabaoth can do this for a soul that believes in obedience to Yahweh. Glory to Yahweh! It starts with Christ Holy spirit then the process  continues  through faith in  truth, by grace and mercy  purchased by the blood of the sacrificial lamb, by  the leading of the Holy Spirit  then the overcoming by the saint then the inheritance into the son ship of Yahweh’s Kingdom. Only Jehovah Sabaoth can do this for the believing soul that believes without wavering in obedience to Yahweh’s truth through grace of the Lamb that was sacrificed to take your place, so that through Obedience you can be a son as Yahshua The Lion of  the tribe of Judah is the first born of the Spirit, whose Holy Spirit ,The Christ revealed is the Alpha and the Omega, the  King  of kings  and is the Lord of lords. The Christ is the Lord of armies who battles on  behalf of His own to preserve His Kingdom , The whole earth will fear Yahweh.

As you are in the Kingdom of Yahweh,  Our Father’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit is with you and leads you and becomes your army and defends you in every situation by raising up a spiritual standard against all floods raised by the accusers of the brethren against you. Remember that the righteous suffers violence but the violent taketh by force. The term violent in this case means radical faith of a believer in the midst of all types of challenges ,you stand, and because you stand by the truth of Yahweh and the blood of Yahshua continues to speak and override the challenges into victories for your good and to the glory of Yahweh! Halleluyah!

The Lord of armies will raise up a standard against any flood situation contending with your live, just rest in His loving care by standing in faith and believing in the finished work of Yahshua who was the sacrificial lamb, Yahshua  said it is finished, so you have overcome too with the risen Christ, because Christ overcame the tomb stone of death and is alive as He reveals Himself, as He see fit in the Spirit of the Christ- The Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. He who was and who is and who is to come as in your personal world. This truth means the Kingdom has come to You and pulled you up into heavenly places with the Christ thus your life defy the odds  it faces and in the end it will all work out for your good to the Glory of Yahweh!

Jehovah of Sabaoth, The Lord of Host is with you always in The God of Jacob, He is a sure refuge for you. He who dwells in the secret place of the most High Yahweh shall abide in the Shadow of the Almighty Jehovah Sabaoth, Who is a strong tower, the righteous run to and are saved. So beloved you are safe in the presence of the Holy Spirit Who is Life to your spirit without WHOM there  is no life. The Holy Spirit is LIGHT that dissipates all darkness. Be afraid of Him who has power over the spirit of a soul to destroy it. Jehovah Sabaoth is all powerful to save from the pestilence that attempts to destroy at noon day. These evils will not come close  to you a thousand will fall at your side at ten thousand at your right hand and you will stand all because of Jehovah Sabaoth , The Lord of armies is with you, to preserve you to life and life everlasting with Him in heavenly places.

The Holy name of Yahweh is great among the nations, the  whole world will fear the name of Yahweh and Yahweh  will contend with those that content with His chosen children. The name YAHWEH is like no other name, The name is been treated with all reverence because it is not equal to the other groups of G- gods. Yahweh created all G- gods and removed it from His presence because it wanted to take Yahweh’s place to get all worship to itself., But now it is not anymore. Yahweh’s name is Known and Yahweh will get all the Glory and Honor and blessings and riches and power and strength be unto Christ Yahweh forever and ever. All because of the Jehovah Sabaoth.

All creation discovered by the compass by the G-gods was made by Yahweh. If you do not get it now do not worry, you will get the meaning later. Thus says Yahweh “When you say the table of the Lord, It is polluted and its fruit and fruit is to be despised, they also have said behold what weariness, and you have puff at it, says Jehovah of Host and they plunder, and the lame and the sick, and you bring the meal offering (Holy Communion) as it is today. Yahshua Yahweh the ALPHA and the Omega is asking, Should I accept it from your hand? says Yahweh but cursed be a deceiver and there is a male in His flock- The Yahshua- The blemish free lamb yet he vows it but sacrifices a blemished one as religion without Yahweh’s Spirit in the heart, just lip service (this religion) is sacrificed to The  lord but really is to man that is yet is not, whole grapes bunch that has not been crushed to be offered as a living sacrifice, so he who is not and yet is but is not is subjected to Yahweh for ever. Yahweh will not share His Glory with that which is really not and parades like it is because it is all by the arm of man and not by the Spirit of Yahweh. Truth will prevail.

Yahweh says “I am a great King says Jehovah of Host and My Name is feared among Nations. So except the Lord of Host left a seed to us Yahshua through the Holy Spirit we would have becomes as Sodom and we would have become like Gomorrah this spirit can not produce life, each time it attempts to reproduce it only lead to death of a soul that it grabs hold of. With the Holy Spirit there is no room for the Sodom and Gomorrah spirit, the Holy Spirit is all life giving. Yahweh is a purifying Holy fire that burns off any evil from His bride and wife. Because Christ comes for a glorious bride.  There will be no threesome marriage with the Christ when He comes to marry His bride  that is the Spirits becomes one with the bride, no other soul ties interfering , that means bondage will have to go. In the things of the Kingdom of Yahweh there is freedom from all the bondages spirits. PRAISE THE Lord of armies who contents with Principalities on the saints behave. The Holy Spirit in the brides becomes  the union with Christ The Alpha and Omega in marriage and The son and the Father  comes and lives in you and you are one with Christ as His chosen one.

Jehovah Sabaoth is also known as YHWH Sabaoth. Yahweh Sabaoth is the Lord Almighty and Sabaoth means Heavenly armies, who are the defenders of the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven and the will of Yahweh here on earth. Praise Yahweh for  His faithfulness that endures for ever. Beloved remember the promises of the Kingdom of Yahweh, the Kingdom of Heaven are Yes and finally it is. It is done by the Christ whose Holy Spirit reigns forever and ever and is  all sufficient helper for the saints whose bodies are the temple of Yahweh. Halleluyah! Glory to His Holy presence!. Glory to Jehovah Sabaoth for great things He has done!. Halleluyah! Glory! Yahweh is Creator of all things above earth, in the earth, on the earth even in the seas. And Jehovah Sabaoth has control over all Creation. Glory! Halleluyah! We bless the creator Yahweh our father. Glory! Halleluyah! Jehovah Sabaoth reigns forever. Glory Halleluyah! Bless His holy name.

So beloved rest in it all, for the battle is not yours but it is Jehovah Sabaoth’s  for His Glory and your honor to eternity, Yahweh has the last say of all matters. Victory is yours as you trust not in your chariots or weapons but with all your soul trust in Jehovah Sabaoth who alone saves through Christ The LORD. Praise Yahweh Halleluyah!



P.S: An Invitation to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh (The Creator):

If you are reading this and you are not sure about the status with your Creator, You can visit the salvation prayer and pray it to invite the spirit of the messiah our sacrificial lamb Yahshua (The Christ gives you life everlasting) The Kingdom of God is here.

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