The Lukewarm Church Prayer

The Christ, The True One, The faithful one, The True witness, and the Beginning of Creation, The Ruler, The Eternal one, Creator help us to pay close attention to your words. You are faithful and true. We ask for forgiveness about our works that are neither hot nor cold, help us to your righteousness. Help us out of Luke warmness, Help us to shift from Luke warmness lest You vomit us out of your mouth. We repent for putting our confidence in our wealth and the illusion of having need for nothing. Help us to know the truth, which will set us free from wretchedness and misery.

Help us to have true riches in the heavenly places– life itself. We pray for you to open our blind eyes to see. We pray that our nakedness be covered. Oh Faithful one help us. Enable us to buy  gold refined in the fire( Deep Knowledge-New wine) that we may be rich and be cloth in your white garments so that the shame of our nakedness will not be revealed. God we pray that you anoint our eyes with salve as we repent this day. For you so loved us so much, that you rebuke and chasten us to Yourself. We repent and pray that you help us to be zealous for your sake and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father help us to hear the knock on the door as you knock. Help us to hear your voice and open the door. Oh true witness come in and dine with me and I with you, The true one. Help us to overcome, we repent, Help us to overcome, we pray that you grant us to sit with you on your throne as you overcame and are sitting with the Father at his right hand on the Throne.

Oh Ruler we pray for an ear to hear your voice always and obey. Help us we ask In Jesus name we ask. Amen


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