We Become Christians to Have Peace

There is something to be said for feeling a sense ofpeace with the world around us, and choosing to become a Christian helps give us that peace. There is a warmth that comes from God and a peace in knowing He is always there for us. Faith in God sometimes provides us that inner calm in the middle of a storm of chaos.


We Become Christians to Be Set Free

Christians often describe our vices as being chained up. That is because we allow sins to grab hold of us and keep us tied up in the sin. Often we end up in a vicious cycle of wanting to quit sinning, but not knowing how. We choose to become Christians, because we know God gave His only Son for our sins. His strength becomes our strength to become free of the things that limit us.

We Become Christians to Be Healed

There are so many things in our lives that hurt. Breakups, bullies, hurtful parents. All of these things can hurt deeply. Even things we do to ourselves can be hurtful and cause deep, deep wounds. Yet God can overcome any hurt. We choose to become Christians to allow God to heal what hurts. It may mean God providing us with a good friend or medicine to calm us down or strength to let go of harmful relationships. Yet God allows us to heal over time if we let Him in.

We Become Christians to Have Life Beyond Death

Overcoming death is an idea that some non-Christians have a hard time understanding. Maybe they hear the stories of Lazarus or Christ’s resurrection, but they think it’s just a story. Yet Christians come to understand that God has all the power over death. Christians lose a fear of death, because there is something to look forward to when we leave this world.

We Become Christians to Give Our Lives Meaning

Any non-Christian will tell you that his or her life has plenty of meaning, and it does. Yet God gives us a whole new focus on that meaning. We choose to become Christians in order to gain an deeper understanding of our existence. We know that God has a plan for us, which is why Christ died for our sins. We have meaning so that we can do what God planned for us, thus giving us a special meaning.

We Become Christians to Grow Closer to God

Growing closer to God is an important aspect of our faith. The relationship with Him is a foundation of our beliefs, and knowing He is accessible is part of why we become Christians. Some non-Christians believe that God exists, but see Him as being far apart from themselves, like He is some random being in the sky just watching and not taking an active role. When we choose to become Christians we learn that God is here for us, beside us, even when we don’t necessarily feel Him there.

We Become Christians to Know Unconditional Love

One thing we learn as Christians is how much God really loves us all. We know that God’s love is unconditional, because He allowed His son to die on a cross for our sins. We choose to become Christians to understand that kind of love that shows up every day no matter what we do or say. God is always there with open arms waiting for us. He understands we are sinners and loves us anyway.

We Become Christians to Get Support in Tough Times

When the world seems to fall down around us, where do we turn. There is nothing like turning to God in the darkest hours. We become Christians because we know that God lifts us up like no one else can. He allows us to work through our problems with Him providing us strength to get through. He props us up when we are about to fall. He shows us a light at the end of dark tunnels. God is our strength.

Know Our Purpose in Life

It’s not so easy to walk through life wondering why you’re here. We all feel a need to have a purpose in life. God gives us that direction, and we only find it through faith. We become Christians in order to have a direction and purpose in life.

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