Yah is I am, Yah is the one who is be to worshiped, Yah the self-existing one who never changes, Yahweh Father is the same yesterday, today and forever. His promises never fail or changes like other things do. All His promises and ways last forever. Yahweh promises His continuous presence in the lives of his sons even when the humans are faithless, Yahweh is forever faithful by Himself and His ways are pure forever. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah!

The name Yahweh or YHWH occurs in the Holy book 6800 times and when they translated they used the common tittle that is man’s lord for the most High Spirit -Father of Heaven Yahweh. Say lord with voice now, Can you distinguish it in sound? In some parts of the world man is called lord and exercise lordship over their subjects. This same common tittle used for the Living Yahweh who has a name as revealed to Moses has done a great disservice to many.

There are numerous promises to those who know Yahweh’s name .So if lord you better be sure you know which lord you are giving praise to. When you use the Father’s name, there is no argument whom the praise is directed to .When the name of Yahweh or Jehovah is left out you give strength to him who is not ,yet is and really is not( the antichrist). Using the name of Yahweh gets you directly to the realm of Yahweh, there is no misdirected praise or worship when you know Yahweh’s name. Then your praise will in turn strengthen you  because you complete I AM who Yahweh is.

Yahweh is strength. So you say I AM strong. When you praise the one who is not and is and yet is not, this one leaves you dry and not complete as it is a thief that comes to steal to kill and to destroy. Don’t allow the thief the steal Yahweh’s name from you any more, Only in Yahweh’s name and in Yahweh’s strength that you can overcome. Overcome now using the name of Yahweh and standing for righteousness all the way no matter what.  For example, say You are a wife, a wife knows her husband’s name. A girlfriend, with a harlot spirit does not care to know the name in the sense of  actually getting married and staying true may not interest her .She might have several names that she harlots around; But for you as a wife of Yahweh The Christ, staying true to his course in truth, righteousness representing Yahweh’s Kingdom right here on earth because the Spirit of Yahweh comes for a glorious bride in spirit and truth and righteousness.  Is it not so? Yahweh Christ comes for His glorious Bride in spirit and you become married meaning you and Yahweh become one. The righteous course becomes your  cause here on earth too, you complete Yahweh – I AM——– on earth you complete the I AM that Yahweh is, That is why Yah came the reason Yahweh Jehovah our host in the Messiah  modeled the Kingdom for you and me. Our husband (meaning we are one in the spirit with the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit whom we are born again into, takes you from strength to strength and glory to glory in the revelation of truth and righteousness restoring your identity from  a lost captive to  A Kingdom  son in Authority. And this is what the anti-Christ has been against since His descendants took matters in their hands to crucify, the Yahweh incarnate – Yahshua, They think they knew and but really do not know. And their mission is to block or diminish any course of I AM by creating their own agenda .Who can contend with their Creator? Only a fool?  The Holy Spirit cannot go wrong and is always on time and faithful and true.

When you are married to Yahweh His truth and righteous course becomes yours, then you are able to complete Him as He is I AM ——-. Just like a wife say I am Mrs. Y. So in the same manner your spirit will be one with Yahweh’s spirit in marriage and you become Yahweh in full expression here on earth in grace and mercy in spirit and in truth. Which man can content with the rock? The weapons of our warfare are not canal like that of the antichrist. But the weapons of our warfare are mighty through Yahweh creator of the universe.

So use the name of Jehovah or Yahweh. So be conscious this day who you are directing praise to and prayers too. You must know your redeemer’s by name. If you are married to your husband, don’t you know His name and know so much more about what he likes more than any other person. If you some calls him different name, it is because they may not know him or they may just not want to validate him by his name which is his identity. If the praise was for man powered by beast or for The Holy Pure All one and awesome Yahweh of Heaven! Yahweh our Creator, our Host, we will host no other, we host only the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit loves truth and His name. If you say lord or god, the world create many gods and lords. You can hardly distinguish between both if you keep saying god and lord. For some their guns or staffs is their gods and so on. These things cannot save a soul neither can it create a soul .In short Creator is distinguished from all its creation. Man is trying to create its own mix of mankind. When you finish create the stars too. Foolish sense.  And that is how he who is not and is but is really not has falsely paraded the anti-Christ for Creator of Heaven. Play time is over.

Yah came as Immanuel so through the Holy Spirit you can Know His name Yahweh and you can say, I am holy as Yahweh is, I am pure as Yahweh is, I am righteous as Yahweh is, I am peaceful as Yahweh is, I am loving as Yahweh is, I am prosperous as Yahweh is,  I am glorious as Yahweh is, I am just as Yahweh is, I am the light as Yahweh is, I am gracious as Yahweh is, I am like Yahweh, I am healthy as Yahweh is, I am a healer as Yahweh is, I am joyful as Yahweh is, I am truth as Yahweh, I strong as Yahweh is, I am peaceful as Yahweh is, I am glorious as Yahweh is , I am caring as Yahweh is , I am truthful as Yahweh is , I am righteous as Yahweh is , I am rich as Yah is and so on. Yahweh is I AM ———– Yahweh already finished it all. You now just have to manifest it and witness of I AM ——-existence here and just because You will have to complete his attribute throughout your own life, as you are a witness for Yahweh’s power here on earth and you are a good testimony of His I Am presence in your being or in your life right here on earth not when you sleep or die physically into the eternal existence. The Kingdom sons sleep, yet alive, and those outside the Kingdom die a second death and are really are dead.

So go forth now and continue to complete by manifesting all that Yahweh is already. And even do greater things as Yahweh did when He came as our sacrificial lamb, to give incorruptible blood in your place. Yahweh swore by Himself. Yahweh in you cannot fail. Glory Halleluyah. The serpent agents have no chance, the beast again stand no chance. It is finished. It is done! The Blood of the Lamb speaks for ever for you and me. The messiah is here! Halleluyah! Yahweh promised and said He is not like man who lies. And Yahweh swore by Himself that all He promised will come to pass. And has come to pass. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! You can count on it with your whole life. For Yah’s words are true and faithful. Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Glory to Yahweh! The Living God of Heaven, the Almighty Creator of man and universe and all in it.

Do not be part of the lie, with the anti- Christ who is not even bordered with the state of their soul, the unrighteousness in its body or the injustice the evil one is doing to the creation of Yahweh. Blessed are you thought, you seem to suffer now in circumstances, remember the circumstances cannot stay or remain for good. Your spirit, the Holy Spirit prepares His temple (your body) for His glory. Remember Yahweh comes for a glorious temple or bride (you have bath, you have been courting and serving and ministering to Yahweh because his spirit is in you and you are ready for the celebration feast of the marriage. So continue to approve the things that are excellence in righteousness that you may be sincere without any offense to the Holy Spirit till Christ Yahweh is revealed to you see your Husband face to face = peace that surpasses all understanding. When you enter into this realm Kingdom of heaven because Yahweh has brought it to you right here on earth.

Yah’s Kingdom is not a temple of falsehood in knowledge As one swampy damp (falsehood) where everyone is drawing from. The Holy Spirit’s well is deep in revelation that is truly life transforming, giving your soul  rest, life and  peace. So Yahweh is peace and rest, the true light giving life.

Therefore the false prophets knowledge parading is as parading as angles of light that are so smooth yet cannot deliver any from darkness. It cannot be greater than the Holy Spirit is  light , is truth ,is righteousness of the Holy  word of the manifold wisdom of Yahweh that make manifest Yahweh’s power by the Kingdom of Yahweh to the principalities, and the powers in the Heavenly places. The Chief cornerstone Christ Yahweh builds a Holy temple that is a righteous temple, in the risen Yahweh. you are built together for the dwelling place of Yahweh in the Spirit. Yes your body is the temple of Yah, your lifestyle  not your fancy building Doh………….Doh! The buildings are filled with ruined temples that are being controlled by powers of darkness.

Pursue truth and righteousness  and darkness will flee when divine light is revealed in what yoy do. This ruins must be rebuild by the Holy Spirit, washed and anointed with oil, for it to have part in the Kingdom of Yahweh in the Spirit by Christ Yahweh’s Holy Spirit, the wedding feast.

The unrighteousness of the crusaders is due to the darkness that only the Holy Spirit can break. And the serpentine immorality of sexual perversion and love of money. Even worse as it starts from earthly fathers violating their sons, daughters or adults violating children or adults, for evil rituals that are from darkness, in other to promote perversions from families to societies, in exchange for money, things of this world that cannot save the soul. Children are been violated every day in these perverted ways of anti-Christ ways, family structures, in societies all is an effort to destroy the family. A righteous structure for safety. Where is the righteous standing on these issues? Protect the children, the families, and society.

The sons and daughters must and need to come back to righteousness and cry out loud against unrighteousness of any type that leads to destruction that usually starts with one who has sold his soul to Satan and knows the evil ways of Satan. Then this one person is responsible to pervert on innocent people to Satan. If you happened to be on the innocent side, no matter what happens, keep your own hands, bodies clean from perversion- meaning stay free from perverted ways that brings death. Follow righteous ways always.

So stay true to truth. In physic positive charge plus negative charge as created by Yahweh thus produces energy, light or fruits. Same with Yahweh whose ways are not stagnant but continues flow of revealing who He is. Woman marry man, and man marry woman only. There is balance here, it respects the natural law of nature. Anything else becomes unnatural to the nature of man, therefore it becomes satanic thus produces no fruit but sure destroys that soul, all negative charge 666. When its victims speak out, Yahweh honors truth, and the cycle is broken not to be repeated. That is cycles of hurting soul especially the children who are supposed to be protected. Today lots of innocent babies, children are adopted into an unbalanced home and are so sad in spirit because of abuse. May Yahweh use you to protect children, families and the people around you through spreading truth, caring and love.

The spirit of Yahweh is a protective spirit. Stand in the gap for the children. Be a caring spirit. And also mostly now the poor children are the target of an evil systems, while you are distracted with other things. Watch your home closely. Your family comes first and not other earthly gains that benefits not the soul or spirit these instead attacks on the families in the end. Families stand for righteousness, repent from picking up worldly ways that become an open door for more evil ways. Do not cry about segregated Sunday morning hours any more. All the Sunday morning alters are not the same or stand for the same truth, even if calling Jesus. Yahweh despises deception. You can descend any alter and what it stands for as the Holy Spirit helps you. Look for alters that have the cornerstone of truth and righteousness, the alter will be full of truth, righteousness and zero deception. If the light be Christ of the faith there will be no 354 denominations as is today. Most of these alters are actually serving Satan and not the living Yahweh. Satan dwells in darkness, no revelation can ever come through Satan. The truth will set the people free.

Today, now is the day of salvation, if you hear His voice harden not your hearts. The day of justice is at hand. To be forewarned is to be fore arm. Harden not your hearts, Harden not your hearts. Harden not your Hearts. Life outside the Kingdom of Yahweh will not be pretty, Life outside The Kingdom of Heaven of our Christ Yahweh will not be pretty and it will be for eternity. Start cleaning the Temples now. No matter how beautiful the building structures look if the human bodies in it are not holy or righteous as Yahweh alone who see all wants it. The whole body will be full of no revelation from the Holy Spirit. The corner stone that is rejected must be embraced to build your bodily temple in spirit and in truth with revelation of sound truth. Be Holy as I Holy says The Creator. Do righteously always! it all about being. Who are you?

They gave you earrings you took them, they gave you tattoos you took them, they give you lazy hair-men, you took them okay, the say cut all sides of your hair you followed, they say use curse words you did, they say smoke and drink and get drunk you followed, they say wear torn cloths, you followed, Okay you open door for what you do not even know. They testing ground to bring you the chip. Will you also take the chip? Do you think this is the way of Kingdom of Heaven is?  for the sons or the daughters of Zion? They say wear torn clothing you did –Which Kingdom did the father give his kids torn clothing? Only Satan ways, they say feminine rights without men you followed. Woman and woman, man and man (666). (6) Mark of beast in sex, (6) It diminishes anything it touches never reaching fullness or completeness (no fruitfulness and multiplication in all spiritual matters in short, it ends in death), (6) currency is release for earthly pleasures only with no true riches in heavenly place. With that been said Yahweh rebukes all ways of perversion. It is not of the Kingdom of Yahweh.  say  the electrical light is off, Yahweh within you is your light. That is the Kingdom marriage is full of eternal light -Truth  and your face and garments will be recognized by Yahweh during the wedding feast harvesting revelation that makes you dance, clap, shout for great joy. You are joined with Yahweh for eternity.

And Yah said to Moses, I AM THAT, I AM and he said you shall say this to the sons of Israel, I AM has sent me to you, and Yah said to Moses again. You shall say to the sons of Israel, Jehovah the God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob has sent me to you. This is My name forever and this is my title from generations. Go and gather the elders of Israel and say to them, I have seen what is been done to you in Egypt, and I have said, I will bring you up from the affliction of Egypt to the Canaanites. Yahweh is our refuge and strength, very much found to be a help in distresses on the account of this, we will not fear when the earth changes into the heart of the seas.

Trust in Jehovah forever for in Yah, Jehovah is everlasting strength. Trust in Yah and become like Yah by completing who Yah is on earth as Yah is in the spirit, so the Holy Spirit will help you to become like Yahweh and the Spiritual realm will recognize you. There is a spiritual rank order and laws that must be respected in the spiritual realm. Yahweh himself enforces it, with you having to even say anything. In other words Yahweh announces His own. Halleluyah! Yah, Yahweh I AM, The one true Yah-El Echad, Yah of Knowledge-EL DE’OT, Gracious Yah-EL CHANNUN,YAH of truth –EL EMET, Mighty Yah-EL GIBHOR, Yah my LORD – JEHOVAH ELOHAY, Yah my Rock – EL SALI, Awesome Yah – EL-HANNORA, Yah our helper – Jehovah EZER. Note Yahweh is help or I AM HELP. So it goes for all above. That is what Yahweh’s spirit is like. Halleluyah May the Holy Spirit complete Himself in you this day. So you can say I AM ——– complete in Yahweh. Nothing missing and nothing lacking.

Yahweh Father of Heaven is prospering us, therefore we are His I AM arise and build His  earthly temple, your bodies as Yahweh is all good things, but he who refuses still, the fragrance of Yahweh have no portion, nor right, nor memorial in the new Jerusalem. Holy Spirit arise and build the New Jerusalem. No stone will shout in my place.  Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah. Praises from every nation will come and praise as one, because the I AM is one with the son and one with the Holy Spirit who is one with you. And you know you’re called by the name of your Creator Yahweh! It is Glorious. Oh true Glory! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Heaven has kissed earth in you! Things can never be the same. When you were turned upside down in heights way above the mountain top where the baton was handed because others slept, when you turned back up, you turn with your true identity and the temple rebuild to fullness in spirit and truth. You are in a new realm of complete truth of the one and only Holy Spirit revealed truth of Yahweh, What is revealed is for us to keep and what not revealed for Yahweh. Halleluyah! Temples of praise and worship to the one and true Father, Yahweh and not to the thief. No more destroying and killings.

Shalom! Halleluyah! Shalom! Halleluyah! Yahweh our father reigns forever and we reign with Yahweh forever! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Halleluyah! Yahweh be magnified in you forever and ever!


P.S: An Invitation to enter the Kingdom of Yahweh (The Creator):

If you are reading this and you are not sure about the status with your Creator, You can visit the salvation prayer and pray it to invite the spirit of the messiah our sacrificial lamb Yahshua (The Christ gives you life everlasting) The Kingdom of Yahweh is here. The good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

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